Price comparison sites are the lifeblood of online retail. A good online customer spends as much time on a price comparison site as they spend on the actual online sales platform. It is no wonder that today there are quite a few price comparison sites available for the Indian online market.

Price comparison sites are extremely useful for online sellers too. They provide a detailed database to compare competitor prices and help you strategise accordingly. So it is important even for online sellers to know the good price comparison sites in India. With this aim in mind, we have compiled a list of the top 5 price comparison sites that operate in the Indian market. Take a look!

Top Price Comparison Sites in India

  1. Howzzthat

Howzzthat is one of the leaders in the comparison search engine space. In addition to showing product and price comparisons of popular stores, Howzzthat actually tracks product price history over time. Shoppers can see historic pricing and trends and also set price alerts for products they are interested in. You can read, write or watch video product reviews, and simply search for the best possible online shopping deals and lowest prices.

  1. CompareRaja

CompareRaja was launched in July 2012, and has been one of the leading price comparison sites for the Indian market. Apart from thorough price comparisons and some sweet deals through coupons, the best part about CompareRaja is that you can access it via their website, their iOS/Android apps or their Chrome/Firefox extension.

  1. MySmartPrice

MySmartPrice offers price comparisons chiefly in the categories of electronic gadgets like computers, laptops and mobile phones, men’s’ and women’s’ fashion and home appliances. They offer comprehensive listings and price comparisons and also have a Chrome extension.

  1. PriceDekho

PriceDekho is one of India’s leading price comparison websites with over 1.5 crore products from more than a hundred online sellers. They have been chosen as the best price comparison website in India for two consecutive years in 2013 and 2014 by “Website of the Year India”. They also have Android and iOS apps for price comparison.

  1. 91Mobiles

91Mobiles is a price comparison website that specializes in electronics, particularly in mobile phones. It has a wide array of products and one of the most comprehensive listings when it comes to electronic items. What we really like about this website is that they also have in-house reviews for their products. Check out their website or their app.

Apart from the above, honourable mention should be given to CNN IBN’s CompareIndia, MyPriceIndia, ShopSmart and SmartPrix.

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