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About Browntape

Browntape Technologies Ltd. is a leading e-commerce supply-chain aggregator, based in India. Founded in 2012, the company has been a first mover in the e-commerce aggregation space. Its signature solution – the Browntape Software, is offered as a SaaS to clients which range from small scale e-commerce businesses to large scale enterprises (with offline & online presence). The company also offers customized ERP integrations for the latter and runs a successful e-commerce account management service vertical too. Operated by a team of e-commerce experts, the account management services  include everything from on-boarding onto new marketplaces, listing, daily management of inventory & orders, marketplace marketing, remittance reporting & more. 

Browntape’s software allows online sellers to process their orders from multiple e-commerce marketplaces, owned webstore and offline stores; by a single Browntape panel. Integrated marketplaces & shopping carts include Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, Paytm, 1mg, Snapdeal, Shopify, Magento & 30+ such platforms. Being a cloud-based SaaS software, a user can log in from any location to review their sales, manage inventory, process orders, track payments & more.

Browntape Technologies Private Ltd. was founded by Gurpreet Singh and Piyush Goel and is proudly located in Goa-India, The company has previously raised funds from angels and institutional funds including GSF Accelerator, Krishnan Ganesh, Seedfund, Gati Limited and most recently from Ginesys ERP and POS maker Ginni Systems Limited. Browntape has been a cash flow positive startup since 2018 and helps process over $200 Million worth of orders annually through its centralised order and inventory management system.

Our Purpose

  • Being a pioneer in the industry, our purpose is to make e-commerce selling, a simple, enjoyable and profit-making process for users; regardless of the size of their business. 
  • We aim to consistently achieve this, by always ensuring that our software is a  step ahead of the exponentially growing e-commerce industry in India. We foresee e-commerce fuelling entrepreneurship & business growth, in the upcoming years. As Browntape, we are happy to be a catalyst of this economic transformation.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Cutting-edge technology is our key driver. It keeps us striving to achieve more.
  • Design is not an afterthought, it is embedded throughout our creation process.
  • Customer service is not a department. It is deeply ingrained in every action taken by an employee. 
  • What gets measured, gets improved. Data is at the core of everything that we do.

Our Story

Every start-up has a unique ‘start-up’ story and it is only when everything comes together, that one can connect the dots. Browntape started as a solution to a problem. 

Back when co-founder Piyush Goel was completing his PhD in the UK, his friends began selling products on eBay. Luckily for them (and what was to be Browntape); they started doing well. However, they soon realised that their growing online business was translating into painful & tedious daily operations; especially, for managing orders and inventories.


In the backdrop of increasing pain of managing daily order volumes with manual processes, Piyush, along with Ian Morgan, built a quick tool to help their friends keep track of their orders, shipments & more. The tool helped in cutting down the time spent on day-to-day operations. Soon they realised that they could help more sellers with this and launched Scrobbld.

Parting Ways

As studying came to an end; Ian & Piyush parted ways. Ian went on to writing programs to diagnose faulty marine engines and other machine learning applications in the UK, alongside being a guardian to Scrobbld. Piyush’s interest in user experience design led him to join a leading UX design firm in the sunny sandy land of Goa- India.  

Browntape is Born

Most successful start-up stories are influenced by the element of being in the right place, at the right time and finding the right people. The ‘leading UX design firm’ in Goa, happened to be headed by Gurpreet Singh. In four years, under his leadership, the design firm grew from scratch to just under a million dollar in turn-over. Geared by this experience, Gurpreet decided to join Piyush & Ian, to take Scrobbld to the next level. 

A quick trip to the UK, brought all three partners on the same page. India was in the very early stages of e-commerce at the time; but the team had to foresight to see that it would be the next big thing. Using Scrobbld as the platform, they began working on the next version of the service, ground up. They called it Browntape.

The Founding Team

Read about the Browntape team here.