How To Grow Sales On Flipkart?

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How To Grow Sales On Flipkart? Recently every eCommerce seller is trying to sell and increase their sales on Flipkart. The eCommerce site began with the intention of selling books and has now grown to become one of India’s largest eCommerce store. It cleared the path for the launch of several other retail sites in […]

Tips on How to Increase Sales on Amazon India?

tips to increase amazon sales

Tips on How to Increase Sales on Amazon India? If you crack how to increase your sales on Amazon, it would be easy on all other marketplaces. Amazon is globally the largest eCommerce marketplace. In India too, it has thrived and earned a loyal customer base. A large customer base means growing community of sellers […]

What is D2C and Why Should eCommerce Sellers Care?

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What is D2C and Why Should eCommerce Sellers Care? Over the last couple of years, the consumers have come to fully control their buying journey. Consumers demand personalization and trust brands more when they can directly interact with them. Many traditional brands have started wondering what is D2C , how they can leverage this model […]

How to kick start an online food business

For quite a while online retail focused on the sale of electronics due to rising demand. Lately, focus has shifted to fashion and soon online food and groceries are expected to take centre stage in online retail. Pretty much everything sells on the internet and today online grocery is gaining momentum in this industry. In […]

4 challenges of cross-border shipping & how to avoid them

In our cross-border ecommerce guide, Indian Online Seller (IOS) informed you of the different requirements to sell internationally. Many of the online sellers we spoke with informed us that it is certainly easy to register on global marketplaces. But when asked about the difficulties faced whilst selling abroad, we were informed that shipping was a […]

6 after sales tasks that could control your product returns

The selling process does not end once an order is placed. After an order is made online your are still in the process of selling. This is because when a product is ordered there are chances of them being returned. The average rate of product returns on online marketplaces can range from 5-35%. To bring […]

Announcing new arrivals in ecommerce – Tips for Store & Marketplace sellers

Apart from the convenience online shopping brings, consumers also visit online retail channels to see the latest trends in fashion, technology and other purchasable items. It’s like a magazine catalogue appear that at will, plus it saves time and allows easy comparisons. Online shoppers want to know what’s new, so how do you tap this […]

4 ways to convert dead inventory into actual cash

Running low on inventory can cost money. You may lose out on customers ready to buy your product. Or, in case your inventory doesn’t show as out of stock in time, you may need to pay a fine to cancel orders for products you don’t have. So, will doubling up your inventory help? Strangely, no, […]

Confused about shipping options? Here are the choices marketplaces offer

Shipping and transporting products is the main part of an online business. If you want smooth functioning of your business and a bunch of happy customers, then you must have an effective shipping plan. Your logistics partner must be reliable and responsible when it comes to consignment handling and delivery. A strong shipping policy can […]

4 techniques to keep the cost of free shipping low

Our minds are conditioned to pay more attention to deals that offer us something free. That’s why free shipping makes such an impact on sales numbers. Goods which come with free shipping are most attractive to online shoppers. In fact, before placing any order a customer will compare shipping charges and the seller shipping for […]