Apart from the convenience online shopping brings, consumers also visit online retail channels to see the latest trends in fashion, technology and other purchasable items. It’s like a magazine catalogue appear that at will, plus it saves time and allows easy comparisons. Online shoppers want to know what’s new, so how do you tap this to push your products online?

Through the announcement of new arrivals on your platform!

How to announce new arrivals

Ever noticed the new arrivals button on online shopping websites, like Myntra?


Many online retail channels announce new arrivals on their platforms. This they do through a New Arrivals page on their websites. This page showcases all the latest products in store. It’s a great way to expose a new collection to online shoppers. Every online store should have one to make sure it’s newest products get direct attention. Plus, it makes promotion easy.

Customers are not only looking for deals and discounts, they are also hunting for the latest trends. If customers have to sieve through your listings to find what’s new, they may consider looking someplace else.

For an online store, you will need to set up a dedicated page for new arrivals. This can be used to highlight –

For online marketplace sellers TIP – #1 How to announce new arrivals

Third-party sellers on online marketplaces and stores must follow certain guidelines. They stand a chance at having their products appear under the new arrivals segment only if they have a well-known brand or bring in huge sales.

But, you can take customers to your new arrivals on marketplaces without this too. All you need to do is set up a banner ad that is linked to your new products. Then design the banner and compose the text to announce your brand and the new arrivals under it. Once customers click on the ad they will be led to your selected (new arrival) products.


How to display a New Arrival’s page?

A – Use creative content

You want customers to know your new arrivals page offers something fresh and exciting. It should inspire and encourage them to buy. So, first and foremost work on your page title. Give it an interesting name. Everyone’s using ‘New Arrivals’. Maybe you can try –

Keep it creative but also simple enough for customers to understand what the page tab will lead them to.

On the New Arrivals page make an interesting catalogue. Include season related tips. For example, if you are adding new refrigerator models in summer to your New Arrivals page, talk about the season, throw in some simple summer DIY tips and hacks to beat the heat.

Note, once you start a new arrival’s page you need to keep editing it according to the season or kind of products you introduce to it. This means it will require dedicated time and thought. Also, don’t forget to add new products after regular intervals. Customers may stop checking out your new arrivals section if they see the same products month after month.

For online marketplace sellers TIP – #2 Make your new arrivals banner is interesting

If you sell on an online marketplace make sure to theme you banners according to the season or your product. Use witty statements to entice people to click on the banner.

For example, if you are introducing new LG air conditioners you can include in your banners something like – “Want to beat the heat? Here are 10 cool ways from LG”

B – Promote it in different places

Just because you’ve created a new page doesn’t mean people will know about it. You have to popularise it to get attention.

1. Banners and images

For online stores you can link the New Arrivals page not only be a tab on the website menu. It can also be embedded in images. Like banners and social media posts on Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and so on.

2. End of invoices

At the end of the digital invoice sent to a shopper (i.e. by email) you can add the link to your New Arrivals page. Let shoppers know that they can click the link to see your new season collection, new arrivals and so on.

3. Shipping confirmation/updates

It’s worth a shot. With your New Arrivals page link in shipping confirmation email, your new arrivals promotion turns into a recurring ad. It will show up in every communication you have with your shoppers.

4. Website footer

You can add the New Arrivals page link to the footer of your home page too. However, try to mask it with a different name. Or else, seeing the same thing everywhere may appear annoying to the customer.

For online marketplace sellers TIP – #3 Use social media

Don’t only stick to your banners on online marketplaces. On social media too, announce new arrivals. You can publish a link to your new listings on social media.

Whether you are looking for new customers or repeat ones, the end game is making a sale. In case you can’t close a sale this season you can expect some in the next if you keep highlighting new merchandise regularly. For more helpful tips on online retail, contact us at Browntape. We are India’s leading ecommerce solution providers and we are always happy to help!

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