Tips on How to Increase Sales on Amazon India?

tips to increase amazon sales

If you crack how to increase your sales on Amazon, it would be easy on all other marketplaces. Amazon is globally the largest eCommerce marketplace. In India too, it has thrived and earned a loyal customer base. A large customer base means growing community of sellers who want to have their business present on the marketplace. As on date there will be at least half a million sellers who have been on the platform for years. One may say that they have all the tips to
increase their Amazon sales up their sleeves. But the marketplace is dynamic.

Amazon India has become increasingly competitive. With growing competition, grabbing your piece of the pie is becoming more difficult. As Amazon’s popularity grows, more vendors are expanding their companies on the platform. 

So, with competition heating up by the day, how can you boost your Amazon sales and take your business to the next level? Don’t worry we have come up with 8 tips to increase Amazon sales.

1) Keyword Research

When it comes to keywords, many sellers miss opportunities. Even if you’ve researched and ranked for hundreds of keywords, there’s always more to discover and do. 

Search for as many versions of your keywords as possible. Look for variations of your phrase, such as “[keyword] for…”, always keeping user intention in mind.  Mention variations like size, colours, specifications. Look for all combination of keywords & use these in your description. 

Sometimes, certain keywords may appear too niche. However, they may be just what you need. Despite having a low search volume, these “long-tail” keywords are incredibly useful since they generate high-intent traffic to your listing. When you uncover such high potential keywords that you aren’t ranking for, try to incorporate them somewhere in your listing.

2) Use High-Quality & Correct Product Images

Photos are extremely relevant in drawing clicks from search results and turning impressions into revenue. Visual content is much easier for us to consume than written content. Your photos’ role is to capture buyers’ attention and make them fall in love with your product.

Poor quality images a have bad reflection on your brand. Product images can make or break the trust of first-time visitors, to your website. Images that do not completely depict your product and what it can do, can cause customers to be sceptical. It is your responsibility to provide the buyer with all the information they require to make an informed decision to purchase your goods.

As much as possible, avoid using stock images or images taken from the manufacturer’s site. Usually these are clicked, keeping in mind the wholesaler who will purchase them and not an end consumer. For examples, many Amazon India sellers use drop-shippers to source their products, and these arrive from China. 

Imagine a case where you are trying to sell a unicorn shaped LED night light. The packaging will have a Chinese child showcasing usage. Sometimes the look of the product itself will be brushed up so that it looks high quality. If you simply just use these images as is, a) you may one among the many sellers using these images. Thus, even if your product ranks up in listing, there will be other sellers with the same image. By chance, if the other sellers undercut you on price, then they will be making the sale and not you b) the images are not something that buyers will relate to. While kids may get excited, it’s the parents who are the customers. 

Instead, if you click very clear images using standard in-house equipment, shoot a short product video and show specifications upfront, you are more likely to earn the trust of customers. To ensure conversions, you need to have images which are attractive and yet true to what you will be delivering. When the product that arrives differs from what consumer expected, these unclear photos can even contribute to negative reviews. But if you win their trust, they are likely to come back as repeat customers.

3) Reviews are Important

increase amazon sales

Customers regard online reviews as personal recommendations. Reviews are one of the key reasons why customers prefer to shop online. Practically, if you like something at a physical store, you cannot go asking past buyers how they liked the product. However, you can, online! 

Verified reviews boost credibility. Customers know that other buyers will not go through the pains of reviewing a product unless they love it or hate it. Buyers rarely post reviews on things purchased online. Using review systems such as the Amazon Vine Programme or the Early Reviewer Programme will help you increase your online sales.

User feedback and product reviews, boost your product ranks and influence your BSR (best seller rank) to some extent. Do note, constructive criticism allows you to improve the performance of your product. You can put one person in charge of the following up with customers for reviews (of course, do it in a manner that doesn’t encroach privacy. Also, automating your review requests on Amazon is an easy route.

4) Sync Your Stocks

If you sell on numerous platforms, synchronizing the inventories enables selling on all of them much easier. You’ll be able to simply keep track of inventory, maintain a consistent tone in descriptions, and seamlessly update changes. 

Acquiring a customer is hard enough. Sellers lose out on buying customers at times due to order cancellations by the seller himself. This not only impacts your seller rating but also ensures that this customer never returns to you. A key reason this happens is manual management of inventory. When a seller adds more marketplaces, inventory management becomes a hassle. This is where ecommerce software such Browntape come to the rescue.

5) Optimize and Run Amazon PPC Campaigns

Amazon search is increasingly becoming a “pay to play” game. This is another one of the tips to increase sales on Amazon. Organic search results are losing ground to sponsored (paid) results. PPC is a tried and tested method of increasing overall Amazon sales by spending money to push your products above organic results. You will gain greater visibility, clicks, and sales. 

Many vendors use PPC, but not as effectively as they could. PPC advertising should be regularly tracked and optimized for improved results. Optimizations may include allocating more of your money to more profitable search phrases and allocating less to search terms that do not provide a strong ACOS.

If you are relatively new to Amazon, do not be disheartened. You can use PPC to promote specific products, boost your sales, get customer reviews, and then eventually grow your business to sustain itself organically. However, you will always need a booster shot of PPC when sale events take place or when you have a new competitor on the block.

6) Maintain an Email List

Indian statistics on email marketing is yet to get out there. However, the country is almost catching up with its global contemporaries in terms of eCommerce. So here is an inspiring statistic. Email marketing is known to generate a $ 42 revenue on every dollar spent.  As per Custora eCommerce Pulse, email is responsible to transactions (19.8%) which is almost as equal to that produced by organic traffic (21.8 %) and paid search ads (19.9%). 

It is one of the most established and effective online marketing methods. As a result, developing a list and implementing email marketing might result in a significant rise in Amazon sales. 

One quick tip is placing a landing page between the external traffic source and your Amazon listing. This allows you to include a discount voucher or a freebie which will induce a purchase. However, do note, that in case you feel that your landing page will lead to higher drop offs, then avoid it. Such pages work for products which are priced higher as it allows you to provide information which may strengthen the choice of the customer. On just Amazon, you are limited by the listing rules. 

Once your list evolves over time, you can use this list to generate more sales using upsells, cross-sells (promotion of other products), and seasonal incentives (such as Diwali, Christmas and Black Friday). Again, just a small percentage of Amazon sellers have and use an email list. This is your opportunity to do something that your opponent is not doing.

7) Identify your Best-Selling Products

A great strategy or tip to increase Amazon sales by identifying which of your products are doing the best and doubling down on them. If you’re having trouble gaining traction, try decreasing the number of items you’re offering and develop a more concentrated marketing approach for only a few of your products. 

If you start seeing the kinds of numbers you want after executing your plan, you can gradually incorporate more items and design new strategies depending on information you have learned all along line.

8) Leverage Videos and other Media

In addition to contacting clients via numerous channels, it is critical to reach them via multiple mediums. Supplementing your textual content with video content, for example, is an excellent method or one of the most important tips to increase Amazon sales. 

When you use video properly, it distinguishes your brand, fosters a more personal interaction with clients, and leads to more sales. According to research conducted among eCommerce sellers, incorporating product videos improved online marketplace profits by 144%.

Final Remarks

Everyone desires more sales. That is the purpose of doing business. The good news is that there are numerous opportunities for most vendors to enhance their sales on Amazon. 

When people want to buy something online, they go to Amazon. It’s a platform with ready catchment audience. The tips to increase sales on Amazon that we have covered in the above post are not exhaustive. 

But before everything, improve the SEO of your Amazon listing. This a simple yet valuable suggestion in case you have exhausted opportunities in the first list. We are sure that following the advice mentioned in the tips above will result in an increase in Amazon sales. It will give you the momentum you need to surpass and crush the competition in the year 2022.

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