How To Grow Sales On Flipkart?

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Recently every eCommerce seller is trying to sell and increase their sales on Flipkart. The eCommerce site began with the intention of selling books and has now grown to become one of India’s largest eCommerce store. It cleared the path for the launch of several other retail sites in various industries. Flipkart has steadily expanded its reach and now claims to cover nearly every category that a customer needs. Flipkart is a wide-ranging online store for anything from books to household appliances, furniture, and lawnmowers.

Over the last few years, India’s eCommerce industry has grown dramatically. Shopping has become a piece of cake for individuals thanks to eCommerce portals such as, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, and Amazon. Order things from the convenience of your own home and have them delivered right to your door. The Indian eCommerce business is expected to reach USD 350 billion by 2030

“How to increase sales on Flipkart?” is a frequently asked question amongst sellers. So we’ve included some helpful hints to increase your sales on Flipkart.

1) Good and attractive Packaging is the key

According to Flipkart, 52 percent of consumers make repeat purchases from vendors who ship their items in excellent packaging. The overall look and appearance of your product, as well as packaging, contributes to the experience Wrapping your goods with packaging material reduces the danger of damage in transit. Custom or branded packaging, on the other hand, displays quality and boosts customer trust in you and your company. Creating a wonderful unboxing experience can thus enhance your Flipkart sales.

2) Smart Catalog

Keep the product catalog interesting and updated with the latest and detailed product descriptions. The catalog has a significant impact on the buyer’s perception of the validity of the products. Better images, descriptions, and buyer engagement can increase product visibility on Flipkart. Customers who are short on time will constantly look for a product that is also listed. Including all of the little information, as well as FAQs to address client concerns, will significantly increase traffic to the product.

3) Flipkart Promotions

Flipkart has regular and special event promos that might help you increase your sales. Flipkart has two sorts of promotions. 

  • Flipkart Promotion – Any special discount deals suggested by the Flipkart system are included in promotions. These are limited-time promotions in which the Flipkart system displays eligible products for promotion, which will be valid for the suggested listing. This promotion appears in a prominent location here on the Flipkart website. Under Flipkart Promotion, you will find every major promotion and event (sale).
  • Flipkart Freebies Promotion – These are things that you can give to the buyer for free. You must first upload the product to Flipkart, and then pick the FSN that you wish to list as Freebies, as well as the criterion and item where the freebies shall apply. Freebies can boost your sales while potentially lowering your return.

4) Product Listing Ads should be effectively utilized

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It is tough for new and inexperienced merchants on eCommerce sites to achieve the top rank when a certain product is sought. The majority of major eCommerce portals provide product listing advertising so items can be shown alongside relevant search results. These ads produce excellent results when the appropriate keywords and images are used.

5) SEO is always important

This cannot be overlooked since it’s the 3rd biggest step in optimizing your product descriptions for SEO. Every month, billions of individuals use marketplaces to conduct product searches. Your competitors are selling on the same marketplaces as you are. With these producers and consumers, you must recognize that being visible to prospective customers is difficult.

Generate a checklist with the most common keywords and terms that a consumer would look for when selling a product on the platform. Include the most crucial one in the title tag and the remaining ones within product details.

This increases the likelihood of your product appearing in search engine results whenever a buyer searches for anything on platforms as well as search engines.

6) Rules and Regulations

Flipkart’s selling regulations are intended to promote customer trust in Flipkart sellers, resulting in higher ratings and reviews. Customers are more likely to purchase from merchants who have high ratings and reviews. Furthermore, if merchants avoid unethical business methods such as selling counterfeit goods and providing empty boxes to customers, they can earn increasingly devoted customers and drive sales volume.

7) Product Visibility Campaigns

Product visibility is critical for sales. If your product is on the top page, your chances of making a sale increases. Flipkart offers two types of campaigns.

CPC Based – CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising is the most popular among sellers; it costs per click so your item receives the maximum publicity during this campaign. You will only be charged whenever a customer clicks on the advertising. To boost product visibility, you must launch a CPC campaign.

SmartROI Based – SmartROI based campaigns assist you in increasing RoI. During this campaign, your advertising expenditures are optimized for sales, and SmartROI assists you in optimizing your advertising budget and displaying ads.

8) Timely Delivery

If you want to improve your sale, then purchasers’ expectations, should be always matched whether it is the product’s quality or the time it takes to deliver it. Keep your online procurement for shipment and tag it RTD i.e. Ready to Dispatch and on schedule to assist the logistics partners in delivering your products as soon as feasible. It is equally crucial to fulfil a return or exchange request on time in order to obtain positive consumer reviews and ratings.

9) External Traffic Generation

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Online presence across social networking sites can attract more attention to your product pages, allowing you to rank higher on Flipkart. Create brand recognition by using Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Instagram, and other networks. To enhance external visitors, businesses can even use email campaigns, SEO, and SMS marketing.

10) Inventory Stocking & Planning

Inventory is a critical component of any retail firm, including e-commerce. To meet demand quicker and conduct more business, you should constantly keep an adequate stock of things and numerous varieties of your products on hand. Stocking up also prepares you for shopping extravaganzas at any time.


Keeping the aforementioned ideas in mind will undoubtedly aid in increasing sales across various e-commerce platforms. Nevertheless, it is critical that sellers stay informed about developments in the sector so that they can make the required modifications. 

The competitive e-commerce, as well as m-commerce industries, require flexibility. Continue to explore new tools to attract clients’ attention on these channels. You should always strive to delight your consumers if you want to improve your sales and be a successful Flipkart vendor.

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