How To Apply For Brand Registry | BT Seller Academy

How To Apply For Brand Registry

Contents: Brand And Brand Registry Mandatory Documents For Brand Registry Benefits Of Brand Registry Brand Name Used & Restricted Word Policy Common Rejection Reasons Procedures 1. Brand and Brand Registry 1.1 What is Brand ?When a product is manufactured by a company under a particular name it is called Brand. Legal name for Brand is […]

What is Flipkart Fulfilment and how to use it | BT Seller Academy

Fulfilment by Flipkart | Browntape Academy

Contents What is Flipkart Fulfilment Who should use Flipkart Fulfilment How to register for Flipkart Fulfilment How does Flipkart Fulfilment work How to create a consignment Going live on How to see FF Inventory How to recall products from FF warehouse What is Flipkart Fulfilment? Flipkart Fulfilment (previously known as Flipkart Advantage) allows sellers […]

Sponsored Ads on Marketplaces – Make your customers notice you [Part 1]

Sorry to burst your bubble once again online sellers! The Indian online retail scene is getting crowded and more competitive each day. The multiplication of online sellers isn’t seizing. Everyday new sellers join ecommerce in the hopes that they can derive more sales. We’ll give it to you straight! It’s a jungle out there and […]

Top 5 Online Marketplaces in India compared

If you’re looking to get into online retail, subscribing to an online marketplace is arguably the quickest way to do so. The market for online retail in India has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. In fact, this Nasscom report says that the Indian e-commerce industry will touch the $100 billion […]

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day – How Much Did Other Marketplaces Gain?

The Big Billion Day – Flipkart’s much-hyped and much-awaited-by-all sale that happened on October 6th is being scrutinized and ripped apart by everyone, consumers and sellers alike. Meant to benefit both consumers and sellers, Browntape‘s team dug into who actually benefitted with the few hours of sale on October 6th? The Big Billion Day – For […]

5 Entrepreneurs You Can Draw Inspiration From

The decision to deviate from the well-beaten path and start one’s own enterprise is a tough one. It involves a lot of courage, patience and dedication to just start a business, let alone be successful at it. During tough times – and tough times there will be – it helps to know that there are […]

How to Manage Your Online Retail After the Sales Boom is Over

The sale season is upon us. Flipkart officially opened the doors for the festive season through its Big Billion Day Sale. Other online marketplaces are offering promotional discounts as well. We are all at the brink of the annual diwali price-cuts and bashes. We already posted this handy guide to manage your online retail business […]