1. Brand And Brand Registry
  2. Mandatory Documents For Brand Registry
  3. Benefits Of Brand Registry
  4. Brand Name Used & Restricted Word Policy
  5. Common Rejection Reasons
  6. Procedures

1. Brand and Brand Registry

1.1 What is Brand ?
When a product is manufactured by a company under a particular name it is called Brand. Legal name for Brand is Trademark; when it identifies or represents a firm it is called a Brand Name.
1.2 What is Brand Registry?
Brand Registry refers to the physical representation and consistent application of Brand Identity. Brand Registry helps you protect your registered trademarks and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers. Brands must have a Registered Trademark to be eligible for enrolment.
1.3 Sellers Who Can Enroll For Brand Registry?

2. Mandatory Documents For Brand Registry

3. Benefits of Brand Registry

Brand Registry gives you access to tools that enable you to more accurately represent your brand, find and report violations, and share information that can help the marketplace proactively prevent violations.

Accurate brand representation:
Brand Registry gives you more control over your product pages that use your brand name, so customers are more likely to see the correct information associated with your brand.
Powerful search and report tools:
Simplify the process of finding cases of potential infringement. Brand Registry provides you with simple and guided workflows to submit a report of potential infringement that can be reviewed by the portals and take appropriate action on.
Additional proactive brand protections:
Brand Registry uses information that you provide about your brand to implement additional predictive protections that attempt to identify and remove potentially bad listings.

4. Brand Name, Logo Usage & Restricted Word Policy

Sellers are not permitted to include any brand names or company logos in their listings other than the specific brand name authorised by the original manufacturer to be used for products being sold by sellers under a particular listing.

Certain uses of brand names may also constitute trademark infringement and could expose sellers to legal liability.

Violation of this policy may result in listing cancellation or suspension of account.

5. Common Rejection Reasons

Brand Registry Can be Rejected Due to Below Reasons:-

6. Procedure To Apply For Brand Registry

For a detailed step-by-step procedure to apply for brand registry, refer the slideshow above. Procedures for brand registry on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal & Paytm are explained with screenshots.