Using Multi-item Orders to Pick up the Sales Slack

As you have already noticed, the peak season has come and gone, how do you plan on making it through the slack period? Have you given it a thought? Is your online retail business capable of staying afloat through this time? A business person plans on boosting sales. This can be done by increasing the […]

Sponsored Ads on Marketplaces – Make your customers notice you [Part 1]

Sorry to burst your bubble once again online sellers! The Indian online retail scene is getting crowded and more competitive each day. The multiplication of online sellers isn’t seizing. Everyday new sellers join ecommerce in the hopes that they can derive more sales. We’ll give it to you straight! It’s a jungle out there and […]

Understand Your Consumer’s ‘Tell’ to Sell

At the start of this year ecommerce specialist said 2015 was the year online selling! The year ecommerce shook the country. There was a tremendous upward growth in online sales due to online discounts and the spread of ingenious technology. Last year saw the ecommerce industry cash in $23 billion. This year it is believed […]

Online Marketplaces Causing Seller Woes!

Sellers! Are online marketplaces treating you bad? Do you have something you’d like to get off your chest? You probably do because just when you thought everyone was getting along your marketplace crossed you. How do you feel about that? The truth is you are not the only one. And picking your bone with the […]

The Progress of Online Grocery Shopping

  The parameters of online shopping have expanded to groceries over the last five years. And the response people have shown gives Indian ecommerce yet another victory. It seems like the street hawkers, vegetable and fruit sellers that once defined Indian bazaars could one day become extinct. But we are far away from that reality […]

Can Sellers Trust Online Marketplaces?

Lately it seems like everyone wants in on Indian ecommerce. Big corporations like the Aditya Birla Group, business tycoons like Ratan Tata and even international players like Amazon and Alibaba want to see how far Indian ecommerce can take them. The ecommerce scenario in the country is run by online marketplaces. There are hundreds of […]

The Potential Of One/ Same Day Delivery For Your Online Business

What made online shopping catch on so quickly was the convenience it came with. No need to drag yourself to the store after a long day at work. No more scheduling shopping trips. No online store will ever tell you “Sorry we’re closed.” And best of all, home delivery! Even after you select what you […]

Top 5 Issues With Online Selling

Every day Indian ecommerce grows a little bigger. 2015 was the year everyone truly saw the potential of Indian ecommerce. ASSOCHAM said the ecommerce industry in the country will be roughly worth $38 billion dollars by 2016. This prediction is based on numbers from the past: 2009 – $3.8 billion 2014 – $17 billion 2015 […]

Safety Tips Against Credit Card Fraud

Credit cards are not a new concept to the Indian consumers. There are over 2 crore credit card users in India. The total number of credit card transactions via ATMs is 517198 and at POS terminals the number is 68920504, as per RBI statistics for October 2015. Credit card transactions have grown at a CAGR […]

Building an Emotional Connection with Online Consumers

Consumers are emotional people. No transaction is emotionless, it’s just the emotional intensity that varies. Sales deals can cause emotions to run high and tip the scale in either direction – deal or no deal. Have you ever seen an Indian buyer passionately bargain for a good deal? That’s pure emotion. There’s everything from anger […]