As you have already noticed, the peak season has come and gone, how do you plan on making it through the slack period? Have you given it a thought? Is your online retail business capable of staying afloat through this time? A business person plans on boosting sales. This can be done by increasing the number of consumers. But when the sales season is over and the discount wells run dry, it’s difficult to get the attention of the masses.

So instead of improving sales through consumer numbers, you need to try something else. A plan B perhaps? You don’t need a drastic change in your online retail strategy. Just a subtle change in your selling methods.

Encouraging Multi-Item Orders – Your Sales Plan B!

You don’t necessarily need thousands of consumers to make profits on an online marketplace. It is the number of orders you receive that makes you profits. Not the number of people who view your products. It’s time to bring multi-order selling into the picture to make this possible. Multi-order selling involves the trading of multiple goods to the same person for money. The benefits include:

Getting Them to Buy More

  1. Free Gifts

Did someone say free? There isn’t a person in the world that doesn’t enjoy free gifts and goodies. Have you ever notice sometimes it’s the free gifts that actually persuade buyers to give you their money? They may not even need the product just now, but the fact that it is free tells them it’s a deal they should not refuse. The Indian consumer wants value for his money. Free gifts and value-adds are the best way of providing that.

The type of freebie offered can vary from product to product. For example, an induction stove can be accompanied by free gifts like a recipe book and induction safe cookware. In case of cell phones a free mobile cover or screen guard will work. On the purchase of a laptop you can throw in a free pendrive or laptop skin.  However, it isn’t always essential for to offer items must be related to the purchase. You can provide generic merchandise as well, like backpacks or travel kits on purchases up to Rs. 2000 and more.

  1. Combo Offers


This is a slight variation of the free gifts strategy. Combo offers are eye catching because shoppers get more than one item at a lower price. It beats searching for the other items because combos save consumers time and money. When given the option to opt for combos, consumers will spend more time on your website looking at your different combo deals. It will generate repeat sales too. Another plus side, in some cases, combos without a discount don’t matter to consumers. Makeup products usually come in combo packs and discounts aren’t essential. You can try selling 3 T-shirts as a combo deal, electronic gadget combos (including a hard disk pendrive pehaps), perfume collections and body care products are also good combinations.

  1. Free Shipping

As we’ve already established, free things get attention and push people to buy. If you decide to offer free shipping to consumers, make sure you condition it. Provide free shipping only on orders exceeding Rs. 500. This is sure to motivate additional purchases so that the benefit of free shipping can be exploited. Say a shopper has Rs. 300 worth of goods in his shopping cart. He will make added purchases of Rs. 200 to become eligible for free shipping. These additional purchases may include items from his wishlist or products the consumer never got around to ordering.

  1. Make an Offer They can’t Refuse

Offers, vouchers and coupons have just about the same impact as freebies. Making these  accessible to your consumers will help you rake in the money. Knowing that they have redemption offers at hand will tempt consumers to come back to you. Offering 20-40% off coupons can assure sales too. All you need to do is get the word out about your irresistible offers.

  1. Cross Category Discounts

Cross section discounts are the discounts made available across varied product categories combined. Executing this move will increase your chances of cashing in multi-item orders. It is also going to encourage people to spend more time on your site. (Since they know you have exciting deals.) As they find more discounted merchandise, they will make more purchases.

  1. Pricing as per Purchase Volume

You want people to buy more? Give them a reason to. Persuading purchases through price manipulation is the oldest trick in the book. Make it clearly visible to consumers that with multiple purchases they can save big bucks. If they know they are saving money by buying more than one, your online store shelves will clear out before you know it. Consumers are always in search of good deals and the bigger the deal the bigger the purchases.

Online shoppers are smarter than you think. They are aware you plan on taking their money. As much of it as you possibly can! And they will gladly hand you their money, provided you give them value. Help your customers get exactly what they want. If you aren’t aware of what it is, you might want to observe their behavior.

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