The ability to process orders quickly and efficiently is a benchmark for a good online retailer. Being able to do this not only means that the customer is left satisfied, but it also reflects upon the sales and profit margins of the retail enterprise. The usual way the system flows is this – the customer logs the order on an offline/online store of the retailer, which is then forwarded to the warehouse where the product is located, packed and shipped to the address supplied by the customer. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Now imagine the same process taking place hundreds of times a day and it will suddenly start seeming much more complicated. Supply chain optimization is the application of various processes and tools to ensure the efficient operation of a supply chain system. We have previously written about the most important steps in the order processing stage. Here we introduce a few important points that you must follow to make sure that your order processing supply chain is thoroughly optimized.

Optimizing the Order

Processing Time

1. Order Transmission

The first step on order processing is relaying the order from the Point of Sale to the warehouse. Doing so in the quickest way possible is the key to optimizing this part of the process. Everyday, the average retailer will end up receiving tens to hundreds of orders. All of them have to be systematically dealt with so that there are no bottlenecks and none gets left behind. The other important issue is that of the individual sources of orders. Let’s talk about that and the solution to both these issues in the next point.

2. Order Consolidation

As a retailer, you might have your products for sale in multiple offline and online stores. Knowing which order comes from which source is very important, but at the same, it is more efficient for all of these orders to be collected in the same compartment for processing. So how do we deal with both these things? The answer is a multi-channel inventory management system. With Browntape for one, all your orders from multiple sources are immediately stacked in the same portal that can be accessed by different personnel in your enterprise, including the warehouse and the logistics. This saves an amazing amount of time and effort and drastically cuts the risk of human error.

3. Inventory Centralization

The next point where we can optimize in processing orders is the inventory. The equation is simple – while the orders fly in from various points to one centralized portal on your Browntape account, it makes sense for the inventory to be dispatched through a centralized process to various customers. With a centralized inventory, you can create your products and variants, link them to your listings and always have a clear view of your inventory, no matter how much the rush.

4. Preventive and Corrective Measures

It is normal for a few mistakes to occur during order processing. What is important is to create and maintain a system that exclusively deals with corrective measures to be taken once a mistake occurs. It is never a good idea to sacrifice quality of work in lieu of speed. As your enterprise grows, it is going to be harder and harder to keep each and every one of your customers satisfied, while maintaining a viable order processing speed. Simple things like creating an easy-access storage system for your warehouse, using simple SKU codes and generally unplugging bottlenecks in the supply chain will work wonders for the overall processing time.

5. Packing the Products

Packing must be done carefully and efficiently. Using Browntape to print shipping labels and invoices can save you an immense amount of processing time. Work out a packing system beforehand so that all products are packed while thoroughly adhering to the safety standards while not wasting any time in searching where the bubble wrap is stored.

These are a few tips to reduce your order processing time. In case of queries or if you need any more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Browntape!

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