The purpose of online retail promotions is to create awareness about your existence. There are different promotion features available on online marketplaces like sponsored ads, banner ads, brand stories, product freebies and discounts. Plus, you can try our unique version of product promotions.

Apart from sticking to the marketplace platform you can expand your promotion horizon. The widest medium for promotional purposes is social media. Did you know, in 2015, the average Indian spent 2.2 hours on his mobile phone? Global research consultancy firm TNS issued a report pointed it out. And guess what, the top priority for these mobile users during this time frame was social media!

If you sell through an online store, social media marketing may already be a part of your marketing strategy.  If you sell through an online marketplace, you may not have thought about promoting your wares on social platforms. Either way, it’s time you considered using social mediums because it’s the modern way of spreading the word.

To make sure its online seller popularity is not limited to the marketplace consumers only, Paytm allows sellers to promote their products on social media as well. Here’s how you can too.

Sharing Marketplace Listed Products on Social Media

Paytm sellers have the option to share any of their products with friends and potential buyers through social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Sharing your products can be done right from the online seller panel! It only takes 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Log into the Paytm seller panel with your registered email id and password.

Step 2 – Click on the catalog option towards the left of the seller panel.

Step 3 – Pick a product from your catalog and hover over the share button for different social media options. Select the social medium most appropriate for your products and share.

Have a look at this visual aid from Paytm for a better understanding of the above steps.

What if you don’t sell on Paytm?

In case you do not sell on Paytm or would like to share your products available on other online marketplaces, you can:

You need to note, this form of advertising gives you the liberty to add images of your choice and change the promotional caption in any way you like. That’s not it, you can put up captions that inform consumers of the different promotions you have running for your products to make sure they find it irresistible to buy from you only.

Have you ever tried this approach of online product promotion? What were the results you received? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below. In case of questions regarding online selling get in touch with us at Browntape. We are India’s top ecommerce experts and we’d love to help you with your online retail business!

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