Influencer Marketing Trends in E-commerce 2022

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Influencer Marketing Trends in Ecommerce 2022 Influencer Marketing is a term that has picked up recently with the rise in social media and social eCommerce. Surely with the lockdown digital means of businesses took the centre stage. Influencer marketing is one of the sectors that boomed during this period. Understanding what influencer marketing is – […]

How can You Use Social Media to Launch New Products

A fruitful way of looking at ecommerce is as an eco-system rather than simply a collection of marketplaces. This is because we cannot look at the marketplace as an isolated entity from the rest of the functioning bodies. Your profile on the marketplace is as much dependent on the logistics and transportation system that you […]

Do you share your marketplace listed products on social media? It’s time you started!

The purpose of online retail promotions is to create awareness about your existence. There are different promotion features available on online marketplaces like sponsored ads, banner ads, brand stories, product freebies and discounts. Plus, you can try our unique version of product promotions. Apart from sticking to the marketplace platform you can expand your promotion horizon. […]

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