What is a Warehouse Management System?

warehouse management software- 1

What is a Warehouse Management System? Warehouse Management Systems, in the digital age, is disrupting businesses globally. Economies are witnessing a global shift into the digital universe including once purely physical systems like the warehouse Digitally, technological advancements in warehouse management have created an alternate universe full of innovations that helps one to keep ahead […]

What is Myntra PPMP?

What is Myntra PPMP

Myntra Pure Play Marketplace is a fulfillment model on Myntra. It is better known as Myntra PPMP. Myntra, one of India’s top fashion ecommerce platforms has various fulfillment models. The most prominent ones are  Myntra JIT and M-Direct. Compared to these two models, Myntra PPMP offers a lot more. So let’s begin with the basics. […]

How to Automate eCommerce Order Processing with Scanners?

Automate Ecommerce Order Processing

Most online sellers today are unaware of the benefits of automation in their supply chain. While automating an entire supply chain comes at a cost, one can tweak parts of it such as choose to automate ecommerce order processing with scanners. Most of us have seen barcode scanners being used in offline retail outlets for […]

Why Should Online Sellers Use Ecommerce Inventory Management Software?

Ecommerce Inventory Management Software

Here’s why online sellers should use eCommerce inventory management software. To start with, are you an eCommerce seller? Do you have your own website or do you sell on e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon or Flipkart? Chances are high that you are doing both and maybe even having an offline store. Any online seller wants to […]

SKU कोड क्या हैं और उन्हें कैसे बनाएं

Read this article in English SKU कोड (या SKU ID) क्या है? SKU कोड का पूर्ण रूप स्टॉक कीपिंग यूनिट है। यह उत्पाद के लिए आइटम के लिए स्टॉक मात्रा रिकॉर्ड करने के लिए एक अद्वितीय पहचानकर्ता है (अन्य विशेषताओं के बीच)। उदाहरण के लिए एक रिटेलर जानना चाह सकता है कि लाल टी-शर्ट के […]

5 Signs you need an Order & Inventory Management System

As an online seller, you have a difficult time managing multiple platforms in Indian and international markets.Technology can automate your online operations, so you can concentrate on growing your business. The most important signs that you need an order & inventory management system are- Unable to finish your work in time An order & inventory management […]

Everything You Need to Know About Drop Shipping

Sales is an evolutionary entity, and evolution happens at a very fast paced rate with it. The subdivision of wholesale and retail, the emergence of catalogue based sales, the idea of malls, and finally that of selling online are things that have come up in less than the past hundred years. Drop shipping is an […]

“Bylane e-commerce surprise” (Browntape in Times of India)

This is what Times of India had to say about us .. Even as Laxmikant Parsekar’s government struggles to boost investment and create employment, a small yet innovative e-commerce start-up has shown the way, just meters away from the chief minister’s secretariat office. A stroll along the empty streets of the Journalist’s colony in Porvorim leads […]