What is Myntra PPMP

Myntra Pure Play Marketplace is a fulfillment model on Myntra. It is better known as Myntra PPMP. Myntra, one of India’s top fashion ecommerce platforms has various fulfillment models. The most prominent ones are  Myntra JIT and M-Direct. Compared to these two models, Myntra PPMP offers a lot more. So let’s begin with the basics.

What are the Myntra JIT & Myntra FBM model?

Myntra JIT, also referred to by sellers as the PO model, involves Myntra issuing a bulk purchase order to sellers for multiple items. For example, say 50 customers place an order for 50 items (belonging to a seller) on Myntra. Now Myntra will issue a bulk purchase order for these items to the seller. Once items have been received at the Myntra hub, they will be sorted and repacked as per the client’s address, and sent out. Myntra FBM is similar however, instead of a PO, Myntra raises a Stock Transfer Order to the seller.

Inventory Control Varies with Different Models of Myntra

What is Myntra M-Direct Model? 

M-Direct was launched to give sellers more control over their ecommerce business on Myntra. The order fulfilment is done item-wise. For example, if a customer places an order for a dress, the seller would be intimated directly via Myntra’s order management system. 

The seller then picks & packs the item like a regular marketplace order, including printing shipping labels & invoices. The order would be picked up by Myntra owned logistics or third party logistics (3PL) employed by Myntra, and taken to Myntra’s hub. From here it would be sorted region-wise and delivered to customers. Returns would flow through Myntra’s hub and then back to the seller. When a seller shifts to this model, here are some key changes he will face: 

M-Direct on Myntra offers the following benefits to sellers, compared to Myntra JIT. 

What is Myntra PPMP?

Many sellers on Myntra have been migrating to Myntra PPMP since its launch. While PPMP is almost similar to M-Direct; there are differences.  Sellers have experienced better benefits from PPMP.

Myntra PPMP Fees: A seller pays Myntra, its fixed fees, commission, logistics fees (forward & reverse) and buys Myntra branded and mandated packing material. The pick & pack fee that applies to JIT does not apply here. 

What is Myntra PPMP
A Simple Diagram that explains Myntra PPMP

Difference between M-Direct & Myntra PPMP

The key takeaway from the above is the order management system flexibility that Pretr provides, over & above the benefits of M-Direct. 

What are the Benefits of Myntra PPMP?

Does A Seller Need to Access Seller Portal When Using Myntra PPMP?

Yes. There are certain functionalities that can be managed only via the Myntra Seller Portal. The following are the key ones:

An order management software like Browntape, can give you business analytics insights similar to some of the reports mentioned above. 

What Preparations are Required to Migrate to PPMP from Myntra JIT/ FBM? 

All in all, Myntra Pure Play Marketplace or Myntra PPMP is a flexible business model by the fashion ecommerce platform. It is the most evolved form of doing business on Myntra currently. Therefore, it is no wonder that sellers are choosing to migrate to Myntra PPMP. Hope the above was helpful in giving you an overview of what Myntra PPMP is and that it helps you make the right decision while opting for a Myntra business model.