Browntape has partnered with Shipway to provide our customers with a comprehensive logistics service solution. Shipway is a leading provider of quality, reliable and cost-effective logistics solutions to companies throughout India. The company has been in the business for over 7 years and has built its reputation on offering excellent customer service coupled with a high degree of reliability.

Shipway’s extensive network covers all major pin codes in India, with more than 29000 pin codes across the country. The company has an established presence across the entire value chain, from multiple logistic partners, COD fraud detection, track & notify, NDR follow ups, return & refunds and more.

The partnership will enable Browntape Technologies to offer its clients a complete end-to-end logistics service solution from warehousing to last mile delivery. This will help them reduce their logistics costs as well as improve their efficiency by providing near real time visibility into their supply chain activities.

Logistic part in ecommerce is one of the most painful area due to multiple reasons such as COD frauds, RTO’s, reverse logistic and much more. However, Shipway has found the perfect solution by integrating with browntape to help stop wasting your valuable time and energy and one of the most important resource your money.

Shipway an Indian e-commerce logistics solution provider announced the launch of its cash-on-delivery fraud prevention feature. The new feature will help merchants reduce the risk of online fraud by automatically verifying and approving orders before they are shipped. It will also help merchants and ensure that transactions are complying with anti-fraud directly in different regions. Fraud is a major concern for online merchants and consumers alike.

Delivering the best return experience is essential for any online store. Not only does it make customers happy, but it also helps you to keep more money in your pocket.

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that you can take to improve returns and deliver an exceptional customer experience no matter what your website or product offering may be.

1) Use automated order processing tools to speed up the ordering process and reduce errors. This will help ensure faster delivery times and fewer missed orders. 

2) Provide instant refunds within the shipping process so that customers have full control over their purchase from start to finish. This will help eliminate any negative feelings associated with returning or exchanging items. 

3) Make sure all shipping information is accurate so that packages arrive on time and without damage. 

Reducing the number of customer relocations (RTOs) is essential for any company that wants to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Shipway can help you achieve this by creating unified non-delivery follow-ups and managing NDRs using our services. We will continuously monitor your relocation process and make necessary adjustments to ensure that all customers are delivered on time and in accordance with their specific needs.

When it comes to optimizing the supply chain, there is no better solution than Shipway. The software-led modern logistics system creates an integrated supply chain from order management, transportation planning and distribution. Additionally, the intuitive dashboard allows customers to track their inventory in real time and perform advanced analysis on sales trends. Try out this service today and witness the difference!


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