5 Signs you need an Order & Inventory Management System

As an online seller, you have a difficult time managing multiple platforms in Indian and international markets.Technology can automate your online operations, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

The most important signs that you need an order & inventory management system are-

  1. Unable to finish your work in time

An order & inventory management system will let you control your whole business from one console. Especially with multi channel sales, all your orders and inventory can be controlled from one software. Every change in your inventory will be recorded and stored. Margin of error will reduce and your control will increase exponentially.

  1. Are customers angry and unmanageable?

A good order & inventory management system sends automated emails & SMS notifications regarding order status, delivery confirmation, and promotions. Every time order statuses are changed on your console, the customer is informed, hence avoiding misunderstandings. Providing a human touch to the customer correspondence is always a good thing.

  1. Printing & Packing takes 1 hour a day?

Printing, packing, and dispatching should be streamlined for smooth order processing. Customized invoices, manifests, shipping labels, generating barcodes, maintaining SKU Aliases, etc. can be printed in bulk, reducing your operation time by 70%. This is exactly what an order & inventory management system must do to reduce manual operations.

  1. Managing your catalog is time-consuming?

Create, classify, and edit product information, brand assets, specifications, pricing for a catalogue or configure up-sells and cross-sells. With an efficient order & inventory system, you have the power to edit and maintain catalogues on multiple online stores through a single portal. Basically, it helps you to cut down on resources and avoid manually updating of stock and prices on each marketplace.

  1. Do you know how to double your sales?

An order & inventory management software has a precise sales analytics dashboard. You can keep track of sales on all marketplaces through just one panel. Data in the form of graphs and charts help you make business decisions like when to run promotions, or how many customers are regular buyers, and on which online marketplace.

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