5 Key Performance Indicators that You will find on Your Online Retail Website


To succeed in the online retail business, it is important to understand that things that seem tiny on the face value may have massive repercussions. In fact, it is the tiny things that end up becoming the most relatable to us as consumers, but we rarely recognize the enormity that they encompass. Did you know […]

How Refining the Search Option on Your Website can Help You Drive Sales


As a representative of a generation that grew up on Google, it is obvious to see that the basis of what we as consumers know as internet today is ‘search’. The search engine has become ubiquitous in our lives not only in the ways in which we interact with the internet, but also as how […]

An Online Seller’s Guide to Drop Shipping


In the age of online retail, there seems to be a need to readdress the question – what does it mean to be a good seller. Is it about having a product in stock? Or providing excellent customer service? Or selling the most number of products? There is a common anecdote that describes a good […]

5 Tips to Promote Your Online Store via Email


It is hard to believe that email was once envisioned as a mere replacement for the practice of writing and sending actual mail, because it has so drastically affected our very manner of communication with each other. Email has become so ubiquitous and essential in the online world that according to this report by Radicatti […]

Kickstart an online shopping spree with these key influences


With the number of online retailers mounting, and choices galore available to shoppers, it is vital to identify causes that prompt a customer to shop. Online sellers have to keenly observe the factors that aid a customer’s buying decision and use the knowledge to pump up their sale volume. Likewise, sellers need to identify the […]

Mobile apps a huge factor in boosting ecommerce sales and revenue


That mobile is an important factor in the success of online commerce is known even to novice sellers. Especially in India, mobile commerce or m-commerce is significant, owing to the fact that mobiles and smartphones are more widespread than bank accounts or computers. In such a climate, it is essential that online sellers ensure that […]

Using Multi-item Orders to Pick up the Sales Slack


As you have already noticed, the peak season has come and gone, how do you plan on making it through the slack period? Have you given it a thought? Is your online retail business capable of staying afloat through this time? A business person plans on boosting sales. This can be done by increasing the […]

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