How to Save up on Logistics Costs

An oft-neglected area while planning an ecommerce business is logistics. Logistics is the actual process with which your product is stored, transported and delivered to your customers. So, while it is important to fiddle with your website UI to make it more engaging, and promote your venture online so that people shop on your website, […]

How to Decide on The Selling Price of Your Products?

Pricing your products for the online market can be a tough job, especially because as an online retailer, you have to face competition from hundreds of other retailers who might be selling the same/similar products. A few months ago we published an article that talked about some unusual pricing strategies that make use of certain […]

How to Categorize Your Products on Your Online Portal

Think of it this way – when you enter a supermarket looking for a toothbrush, and you find it in the pet food section, aren’t you frustrated? Categorisation in the real world is done to increase efficiency for both the customer and the seller. Imagine frustrated customers leaving their shopping and storming out of your […]

How to Maintain a Good Seller’s Rating on Marketplaces

Online marketplaces are ultra-competitive platforms, and excelling in them can be a difficult prospect. It is not uncommon to find many sellers on an online marketplace selling the same product, especially consumer retail like electronics and apparel. (Interestingly, electronics and apparel rank at the top in the list of the most popular product categories sold […]

5 Niche Online Marketplaces You Should Know About

Online Marketplaces can be divided into a few subcategories – there are your usual online megamalls like Flipkart and Amazon that sell you everything you might need under one virtual roof. There are also online auction companies like Tradus and eBay that work on a slightly different business model. But in online retail, the sky […]

E-Commerce Marketing Metrics that You Should Measure on a Daily Basis

E-commerce marketing is a difficult game to play, mainly because it has no definite set of rules. Rather, you have to learn from past experiences and keep collecting data. This data then becomes the heart and soul of your online marketing strategy, once you get done analyzing it. For an online retail business owner, collecting […]

What Sells Most in the Indian E-Commerce Market?

The first question every online retail newbie has when they enter the sector is, ‘what to sell?’ The Long Tail Phenomenon, propounded and discussed by Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired Magazine tells you not to fret about this question much. Every product has a profitable place in the online market, however niche it is. […]

Logistics Providers for e-Retail: What are your options?

The backbone of the online retail industry is the logistics providers. Since they provide the service of transporting and distributing your products to your customers, thereby completing the sale process, you have to be very careful in delegating this responsibility. Firstly, we think that it is crucial for a growing e-commerce business to subscribe to […]