Flipkart’s Big Billion Day – How Much Did Other Marketplaces Gain?

The Big Billion Day – Flipkart’s much-hyped and much-awaited-by-all sale that happened on October 6th is being scrutinized and ripped apart by everyone, consumers and sellers alike. Meant to benefit both consumers and sellers, Browntape‘s team dug into who actually benefitted with the few hours of sale on October 6th? The Big Billion Day – For […]

The Hard Truth: Is Your Business Going to Do Well Online?

There is a lot of buzz around e-commerce and online selling. And though a few retailers are trying to fight the e-commerce giants, the reality is that brick and mortar retail is slowly moving over and giving way to e-commerce. Market research and advisory firm Technopak estimates the Indian e-commerce market to grow from USD […]

Why is Multi-Channel the Way to Go?

It is the traditional retailer’s worst nightmare to see a customer peruse an item in their store and then flip out a smartphone to order it online. Online sales are multiplying day by day because they offer customers much more than a traditional outfit can. Studies have consistently shown the power of consolidating various channels […]

6 Tips to Create a Better Customer Experience Through Online Sales

Online sales posed a new challenge in front of business owners, in terms of how to keep the customers satisfied without even being able to see them. Customers, especially Indian customers who have just warmed up to the idea of online sales a few years ago, feel more comfortable when they can put a face […]

Why You Must Use More Technology in Your Online Sales

The history of sales has changed drastically through the ages, and a few ideas have changed the process forever. When Amazon created the first online store in the 90s, The idea was simple – instead of bringing customers to the store, bring the store to the customers. This meant saving resources on inventory storage and […]

6 Reasons Why Spreadsheets Are Killing Your Online Business

Although a traditional favourite, using spreadsheets to manage online sales can be mind boggling and excruciatingly painful. Well It is partly true that in theory, you can’t really go wrong with a spreadsheet. It is a permanent account of your incoming and outgoing inventory, is easy to edit and store. Before the advent of computers […]