The human mind is a tricky and complex phenomenon. If you have read self-help books like Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, or Leil Lowndes’ ‘How To Talk to Anyone’, or Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, then you will know that it is not that difficult to sway the mind of a fellow human being. The challenge is greater for online sellers, because you cannot employ speech or body language to tempt a transaction.

Therefore, it is all in the design. Focus on arranging the elements in such a way that casual browsers are converted into online shoppers.

We have come up with a list of things that you can do to turn your product page into a shopping magnet. Let us see what we can do to boost your sales for the upcoming shopping season.

Place two similar products next to each other with the cost of one higher than the other. This will push the online shoppers to pick the lesser priced product. Also called the Contrast Principle, this is an old trick in the book to gently manoeuvre a buyer towards what you want them to buy.

This is a visual trick that plays on the mind. It aids in reducing the value of the amount that follows.

The human mind tends to choose the simpler way out. If you put a price tag of Rs. 599.99 on your product, people generally tend to round it off to the lower figure.

Amazon follows a similar principal. If a customer is looking for a beard trimmer, suggest to them that they can save a good sum if they buy the shaving cream in a package deal.
Image courtesy – Amazon

If you make a buyer believe that they are getting a limited edition exclusive product, the chances of purchasing are higher. Human beings like to believe that we stand apart from the crowd. So if you add a tag of ‘hurry, offer ends in the next 23 hours’, be rest assured of a buy.

Suggest an initial price to your buyers, who will assume the first figure they see to be the standard. Start by putting a higher price tag. An anchor price helps a buyer assign a relative price for a product.

The power of choice can be overwhelming. If you go to an eatery and order a thali meal, invariably the server will place a tray of food before you. The tray will have at least ten dishes in cups of varying sizes. The main course itself will consist of two or three dishes. A diner with average eating capacity will end up only tasting some of the dishes, while primarily focussing on only one or two items. To prevent such an instance when selling, limit the choices.

Any purchase will appear more attractive if the buyer gets a bargain for it. If a buyer compares deals where one has a something free with it, the natural choice will be the second one.

Tell online shoppers how much they will save through their purchases. Rather than simply display the discount percentage, indicate the amount and percentage that the shopper will save. This makes the deal sound a lot sweeter to the buyer.

Now that you are armed with a bag of tricks to rake in the cash, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and revamp your store. If you need any help, we at Browntape are always there! We are India’s largest ecommerce solutions providers, and you can get in touch with us here.

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