It’s a question most of us don’t bother to ask. It’s like asking how the plumber turns the water on, or the IT guy fixes your computer. We know that Browntape has the capacity to integrate numerous online and offline marketplaces, including your brick-and-mortar store. But it’s definitely good to know what goes on under the hood.

Since each of your sales channels is different, the specific mechanisms and architecture employed to integrate them into your Browntape dashboard also vary slightly. For example, some stores offer shipping assistance and some don’t. Some platforms are purely dedicated to online money transfer and merchant payments, while others act as online mega malls. These differences, small and big, are reflected in their integrations with Browntape.

So it’s good to know the overview of how these integrations work, and what each of them provide, to make the most of all your online and offline investments. This is exactly what we are going to do in this post.

Online Platform Integrations with Browntape: A Closer Look

Browntape offers a comprehensive and seamless integration with Amazon. Here, you can import your orders from Amazon into the delightfully simple Browntape interface, which is auto synced regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on new information. Apart from that, you can forward product shipping information to Amazon to speed up the fulfillment process. Additionally, your Amazon customer feedback is directly imported to your Browntape dashboard making it easy for you to keep an eye on your performance. All data is secure and yours to use, download and analyze.

The online marketplace giant eBay is also not a problem for Browntape users. Auto sync your incoming eBay orders on the Browntape dashboard and watch your net inventory auto update to reflect order processing. Receive feedback from your customers and instantly reply right through the Browntape interface. All the relevant shipping information like shipping id, tracking info and other notes can be sent directly to eBay through the interface.

eBay’s money transfer subsidiary PayPal can also be linked to Browntape. Record all your online transactions done using PayPal and watch them systematically being stored on Browntape. Notes and communication posted along with the transaction can also be seamlessly integrated to your dashboard.

Magento is a highly influential open source e-commerce content management system, and it integrates deeply with Browntape. Not only can you smoothly run all the tasks that Magento is capable of, like order and shipping management, through Browntape, but it gives you the additional power to interact with your customers through auto generated emails and keep an eye on a centralized inventory.

For Indian ecommerce giant Shopify, Browntape offers some key features. You can auto sync orders, manage a centralized inventory, print shipping labels and send and receive feedback to your customers.

Adding Tradus to your list of online platforms is as easy as adding your Tradus username and password to your Browntape account. Print shipping labels in bulk, manage orders and study your sales using the comprehensive analytics dashboard that Browntape offers.

ShopClues is another big player in the Indian e-commerce sector that can be easily synced and managed through Browntape just by feeding in your username and password. With this you get the full range of services that Browntape offers, like easy order management, centralized inventory, shipping labels and analytics.

Finally, who can forget your offline store? Beautifully syncing your online and offline orders is one of the USPs of Browntape. You can use the Browntape interface as your primary storekeeping mechanism, by punching in orders as you receive them. Apart from that, you can also upload bulk orders from your offline warehouse through CSV and rest assured that your changes in the centralized inventory are accounted for.

Apart from the above channels, Browntape is on its way to integrate many other prominent platforms very soon. With continuous research, development and revisions, you get regular updates and newer features that make your job so much easier.

For more info, get in touch with Browntape, and sign up for our 30-day free trial. We are always happy to help!

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