All online sellers would have faced stubborn buyers. Sometimes even if there is a problem that can be overlooked, a hot-headed customer kicks up a storm. Bad reviews and ratings follow, making things worse for the seller.

Picture the following scenario:

A buyer complains that the product is not as big as it was made out to be. Buyer is not satisfied with the seller, and leaves a single star rating and a review on the lines of – ‘XYZ seller is a cheat. He misleads you into thinking that the product is fairly big, but it hardly fits into my pocket’ (assume that the product is supposed to be a lot bigger than a pocket-sized commodity). ‘I demand a refund!’

Here is what you can do to prevent such a face-off with customers who leave bad reviews and ratings:

Issue resolution

However, accidents happen, there is no stopping them. Despite your best efforts there is many a slip between the cup and the lip. Don’t fret. Try some of the measures suggested below in case of bad reviews and ratings:

1. Be polite

In many cases, a polite response helps soothe ruffled feathers. Remain calm, and hear out the buyer. Even with emails, ensure that you keep your cool. Listen to the buyer’s problems, and find out what the issue is about.

2. Reach out to the marketplace

In this discussion forum post, a seller is faced with a sticky situation. The buyer demands a refund on a damaged product as well as refuses to return the product. This logic holds no water, but the seller is in a helpless situation. In this case, contact the marketplace with all the email exchanges between you and the buyer and register a complaint. Put it on record.

3. Sometimes the fight is just not worth the hassle

Cut your losses and move on. This is easier said than done, but use your judgement and take a call on the issue. If you feel that it is a minor loss to send over a free sample or to refund the money, then do so.

4. Apologise for delays

If the problem is delayed delivery, apologise to the customer and compensate them with either a gift voucher or by waiving the delivery charges for the next purchase. It is tough to take responsibility for the error on the part of the courier service, but

5. Take the customer’s side

Yes, empathise with the customer on the unfortunate pickle she or he is in. This will catch them off-guard. When you agree with their point of view, the customer is likelier to back down and see your side of things.

Have you ever faced such an issue with a troublesome buyer? What have you done to overcome the situation? Share it with fellow sellers in the comments box below. For all your ecommerce needs, get in touch with Browntape. We are India’s largest ecommerce service provider, and you can contact us here!

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