On the internet content is an absolute necessity. It is what makes the ecommerce world go round. When buying products online people want to know more about it. Sure they may see the picture of a dress, but they want to know what it is made of, how soft it is, how to clean it and even what shoes it could be paired with. As an online seller you need to remember your customers cannot touch, feel or inspect the products you are selling, all of which make written details so important to them.

Being informative is just one aspect of product descriptions. Your product profiles can also help you grasp attention and entice people to buy. Imagine shoppers notice your product images. The appearance of your products in these pictures appeals to them. So they click on the product and check out its description. Reading a standard list of product qualities is informative but it won’t necessarily push customers to make purchases. You need seductive product descriptions with content that is informative, easy to understand and capable of creating desire to buy.

  1. The perfect description for the perfect buyer


Who’s buying? Based on the product(s) you are selling and your sales objectives you already know what market segment you are targeting. Pick out the main features that would describe your buyers. Are they pragmatic, do they want to amplify their status and style, are they fun or serious? You need to know the buyer’s persona, which should be easy. After all you did pick the products for this particular set of buyers. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and think, what would make them laugh? What would they approve? What would they believe? What will make them hit that buy button? To define the buyer you need to become the buyer, understand how they would see things, what makes their buying hand twitch! Only once you relate to your customers on a personal level will you be able to churn out vivid and persuasive descriptions.

  1. Yeah but what are you selling?


Okay so everyone knows it’s a necklace, they get that from the picture. But how is it going to change their lives? Or at least make their lives better? List the features and benefits of your goods. These will be your merchandise facts and will serve as great highlights. Select the most unique and vital points and use them to craft your description. Try to connect the features and benefits so everyone is aware how said features lead to said benefits.

Instead of just stating these are the features/ advantages/ benefits, mention how our product will help the buyer overcome and avoid hassles and glitches all together. Example, phone cover – The Flip Cover protects your cell phone screen from scratches while in your pocket along with your keys, change and other items. In addition to this the flip cover doubles as a phone stand so you don’t need to strain your arms during video calls or when watching videos.

  1. Craft a unique product description story


Most manufactures provide product descriptions. Only problem is every other seller like you has access to these. Avoid duplicating content. Imagine having to hear the same old sales pitch at every store you walk into! What’s different about you and your products from the rest? Why should a potential buyer chose you? Use your product descriptions to differentiate yourself and your wares from the competition. Everyone will say their products are top quality and just perfect for the buyer. Try sentences like ‘These shoes are handcrafted/ crafted from genuine leather for long lasting comfort’ instead of ‘These shoes are very comfortable as they possess a superior design and are of great quality’. Any professional writer should be able to turn drab descriptions to juice ones.

When listing points in your description avoid mentioning the product, you want the features and benefits to be the star because the buyers know what they are looking at. Example airtight containers: – Air-tight lids keep your food fresh – Compact size ideal for saving space – BPA free plastic prevents contents from reacting with it.

  1. Make them read not skim!


No one wants to read huge chunks of information! More than half of the people looking at your content only skim through it. To beat the trend you can use attractive subheadings to break the information and encourage people to read. Bullet points are a must for product descriptions and this is what most skimmers end up reading. Try using short sentences in the descriptions to get the point across quickly. Crisp clear language is the goal here not roundabout redundant words and sentences.

Keep the technical details for the highlights and specifications section (especially if you are a seller on marketplaces like Flipkart). If particular technical components are what make your product special do not hesitate including them. Cut off the frills and fluff where not required. Your product may be exceptional, fantastic, superior or even one of its kind, but your customers will decide that based on the substantiated information you provide.

  1. Draft your product description then edit


While going through your list of product features and benefits and the characteristics of your target consumers, rank the ones you feel are top priority. Prepare the content for your product description making sure all the important points are covered from the prime angle. Do not use vague statements. Make the important points attractive to seduce the buyer into making purchases. One you’ve completed the draft, read through it looking for errors and points you may have missed out. Read it once more to make sure it’s engaging enough. This is where you make tweaks and changes to more than just words and sentences. It’s where you change the vague and generic information into something specific and interesting. Finally read it again to check for spelling and grammatical issues.

For more, you can read this great guide for product descriptions. We at Browntape specialize in ecommerce and various means to get online sellers the results they want to see in their online selling business. Creating crafty product descriptions is just a part of our services. To know more about producing robust content for your product descriptions and anything ecommerce related get in touch with Browntape. We are India’s leading online retail solutions providers, and we are always happy to help.

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