eCommerce Shipping Terms you Should Know

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eCommerce Shipping Terms you Should Know eCommerce shipping terms are aplenty. However, there are some keywords which every eCommerce should be aware of.  As a seller, you would know that domestic and international shipping terms come in handy for day-to-day operations.  Many sellers deal use drop shipping as a model for sharing wherein imports are […]

Optimize Delivery Efficiency with the Right eCommerce Courier Partner

Optimize Delivery Efficiency with the Right eCommerce Courier Partner eCommerce has caused many brick-and-mortar businesses worldwide to shift rapidly towards online selling. Delivery and eCommerce courier volumes have shot up dramatically, and efficient delivery management has become more critical. It is becoming increasingly difficult for traditional delivery models to scale operations as customers expect to […]

Top 5 Best eCommerce Courier Aggregators of India

Top 5 Best eCommerce Courier Aggregators of India Are you looking for the best courier aggregators for your business? Don’t worry we got you covered. The ongoing digital transformation and contemporary lifestyle, consumers across the globe are now benefiting from online stores. In the last few years, e-commerce has become a crucial part of the […]

What is Third Party Logistics in India?

3PL or third-party logistics as you might know it as; is a way through which eCommerce businesses outsource some of their tasks. Mainly because of the increase in customer base, new locations, to update their manufacturing process, and other factors. Therefore, it is considered a better choice to outsource some tasks to third-party service providers. […]

Common Mistakes While Shipping and How to Avoid Them

Shipping your product to the customer is an oft neglected aspect in the life of an online business owner, sometimes to drastic consequences. Shipping is not just a way to get the goods at the customers doorstep, but it is much more than that. It represents your professionalism and work ethic as an online seller, […]

How to Manage Your Offline and Online Stores Together.

Although with every passing year, the realization that one can not only survive, but also thrive solely on the basis of an online ecommerce business, is gaining impetus among online business owners, owning and operating a ‘real’, offline store still holds its own value. We have not (yet) entered a virtual age so drastic for […]

6 Most Important Things You Should do While Processing Orders

The life cycle of an online sale can be roughly broken into three parts – pre-order, order processing and post-order. Here, the pre-order phase deals with issues like research, sourcing/purchasing of inventory, SKU coding, pricing, setting up of the online shop, etc. The post-order phase is all about shipment tracking, payment, dealing with returns, etc. […]

Hello to all Online Merchants in India from all of us at Browntape!

Dear Sellers, At Browntape, we are very excited to bring our super-simple and awesomely intuitive multi-channel order management service to improve the lives of Indian sellers like you. Our aim is to bring greater sales, reduced effort and saved time for you, precious time that you would rather spend with your loved ones rather than […]

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