Optimize Delivery Efficiency with the Right eCommerce Courier Partner

eCommerce has caused many brick-and-mortar businesses worldwide to shift rapidly towards online selling. Delivery and eCommerce courier volumes have shot up dramatically, and efficient delivery management has become more critical. It is becoming increasingly difficult for traditional delivery models to scale operations as customers expect to receive their products anytime and anywhere. Moreover, there is a need to create an omnichannel experience.

In light of these factors, it is critical to embrace advanced delivery management platforms. To remain competitive in this ever-expanding market, businesses will need to optimize parcel delivery, and 3PL/4PL logistics plays an instrumental role. A shipping aggregator such as Shyplite expedites the shipping process. It provides businesses with end-to-end logistics automation & fulfillment services, increasing shipping efficiency to manage & store inventory seamlessly contributing to smoother last-mile delivery.

Digital technology is enhancing shopping experiences. Retailers can provide customers with conveniences like secure payment methods, quick delivery, and online purchases using digital technologies, innovative delivery software, brick-and-mortar stores that will make eCommerce courier delivery profitable.

How does Delivery Management Work?

  • To achieve effective delivery management, it is necessary to automate tasks, reduce human error, improve customer service, and streamline warehouse and delivery operations. 

  • Using software to automate the chain of delivery processes can increase customer satisfaction and increase productivity.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) automates repetitive tasks in software delivery model companies, thus saving time and money. Paperless delivery transactions and carbon footprint reduction can also be achieved with such software.


  • For an eCommerce courier delivery process to work, it’s critical to determine the shortest yet safest route, monitor fleet movement in real-time, and provide customers with timely delivery updates. Companies that integrate new technologies with existing logistics architecture can mitigate risks, increase productivity, and reduce costs.

Key Performance Indicators for eCommerce Courier Delivery

Changing technology and the rapidly growing popularity of eCommerce are changing the way customers behave, which directly impacts demand patterns, expectations, and the way brands fulfill orders.

It is critical to automate core delivery processes to improve customer retention and boost profitability. The only way to gauge the quality of service delivery is to use key performance indicators (KPIs) in each area. Business improvement plans are unthinkable without KPIs.

Following are some important KPIs that should be considered:

1. Efficient routing

The process of determining the most productive and cost-efficient route is known as route efficiency. There is more to it than finding the shortest distance between two points. The optimal route for delivery needs to take into account all relevant factors, such as the number of stops possible along the route, the delivery window, vehicle capacity, driver schedules, and even traffic patterns. Timely delivery and revenue generation are improved by route efficiency.

2. Performance of the Fleet

The productivity of the fleet serves as a measure of its performance. Driver behavior, vehicle maintenance, compliance, fuel usage, and idle hours of fleets are some of the metrics included. As a result, it helps optimize the fleet, improve maintenance, and control costs.

3. Meeting SLAs on Time

Delivering services within measurable terms is a service-level agreement (SLA) between service providers and customers. With digital delivery administration tools, SLAs are followed efficiently, and alerts are issued in case of inefficiencies. Adherence to on-time-in-full (OTIF) SLAs is a critical factor that businesses have to watch since it directly impacts customer satisfaction.

4. Tracking delayed deliveries

When delivery delays are identified accurately, delivery stakeholders can evaluate each cause and narrow down which areas are causing delays. This provides valuable insight into how well the planned delivery routes are performing. Some of the most common reasons for delays in on-time deliveries are mechanical or hardware issues and errors made during inventory pickup and packing. Therefore percentages can be used as key indicators to objectively understand the types of items which were postponed, their value, and when the items were delivered.

5. Performance of 3PLs

The efficiency gains of outsourcing to third-party logistic providers (3PLs) come with a loss of direct involvement. Keeping track of metrics like the percentage of on-time shipments, shipping accuracy, order accuracy, order time-to-fill, and cost per unit shipped can help you gauge how efficient a  logistics provider is.

6. Estimated arrival time (ETA)

For internal and external communication, route optimization tools can accurately calculate estimated arrival times (ETAs). The ETA depends on a number of variables. Historical data provide extensive information about vehicle characteristics, road network variables, traffic conditions, accidents, unforeseen events, and so on.


Metrics defined by KPIs allow companies to monitor operational aspects of a delivery chain and implement changes that would improve overall results. Well, the question arises that from where to begin?

It is crucial for businesses to understand where their inefficiencies lie and what changes will have the most impact on last-mile profitability before launching any delivery optimization process.

Customers’ demands change, sometimes more rapidly than we can anticipate. This variation can lead to your business losing customers. Managing production delivery might be necessary for a seller to expand his business. Many of the bottlenecks that occur during the delivery process are related to team inefficiencies, and here the eCommerce management software comes into the picture. 

Browntape & Shyplite are Now Integrated!

Following are the benefits of this integration:

  • Any Shyplite user can sign up as a Browntape user and add their Shyplite account to their Browntape dashboard.
  • This allows them to manage their Shyplite account along with their eCommerce marketplaces & business operations from a single dashboard.
  • Likewise, any Browntape user can add Shyplite as its courier aggregator within the Browntape panel in just a few clicks; if they decide to sign up with Shyplite. 
  • To add Shyplite, a Browntape has to go to the ‘courier’ section and select Shyplite as a courier service provider. 
  • Browntape will then automatically fetch all data from the Shyplite account and allow users to process their future orders via
  • Shyplite through the Browntape Panel. 
  • Shyplite allows sellers to select from top courier providers and deliver to 27000+ pin codes; however, Browntape enables users to integrate their Shyplite account with their Browntape dashboard seamlessly. 
  • Sellers can manage everything from inventory to orders, shipping, warehouse, purchase to remittances, and analytics; for multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopify, etc.

About Shyplite — Your Shipping Gateway!

Shyplite, India’s most reliable shipping gateway, provides businesses with end-to-end logistics automation & fulfillment services, increasing shipping efficiency, enabling reach to 27000+ shipping pin codes across India and to 220 countries globally with 9 Fulfillment centers to manage & store inventory seamlessly. You get access to an innovative & robust shipping dashboard with 30+ courier services at a ZERO monthly subscription fee. There’s a proactive & dedicated customer support channel, customizable shipping options, API integrations, and India’s first & only crossborder LPaas & end-to-end Supply Chain Solution- Shypmax, powered by Shyplite.

Few salient features offered by Shyplite:

-30+ Courier Services: You can choose from 30+ shipping courier partners like FedEx, Bluedart, XpressBees, etc., to ship your package.

-No Commitment Or Subscription Fee

-You pay-as-you-go: Multiple easy payment options. You have no subscription. No Platform handling fee. No Hidden Charges. What you see is what you get!

-9 Fulfillment Centres: With the introduction of fulfillment services, Shyplite is now ready to serve its users with features like 30 Days free storage cost and OMS system for inventory management and billing purposes, etc. Making it a 4th Party Logistics company providing end-to-end shipping solutions.

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