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Are you looking for the best courier aggregators for your business? Don’t worry we got you covered. The ongoing digital transformation and contemporary lifestyle, consumers across the globe are now benefiting from online stores. In the last few years, e-commerce has become a crucial part of the global retail framework. The digital form of business, an eCommerce business, has given a new scope of operation to the people. When the eCommerce business rises, the management comes on a critical level. It happens as the business has the same resources, but the demand has increased. Hence, the courier aggregator options come into the picture to offer a hand in ensuring absolute management.

Statistics acquired from Statista suggested that 2021 would have a record of 2.14 billion online customers, which as compared to 2016, is a rise of 48 million customers. It shows that if a business comes online, it will need to enhance its resources. Only then they will be able to meet the demand requirements. In the online presence of a business, courier logistics plays a very crucial part. From dispatching to delivering the orders, the whole transport management is done by the shipping aggregator companies. However, for beginners understanding the eCommerce courier logistics can become a bit overwhelming. In this blog, we will tell you all the nitty-gritty details about eCommerce Shipping Logistics Courier Aggregator.

Understanding eCommerce Courier Logistics Shipping Aggregator

Leveraging an online customer base is one thing, but delivering the product in its original form without damaging it in any way is another task altogether. The delivery time is also crucial. Similarly, the stocking of the products is also an issue that needs to be addressed. For all these concerns, shipping logistics or courier aggregator companies provide a one-stop solution.

Shipping aggregators, also known as logistics aggregators, act as the point of integration for different courier service providers. They provide a common and streamlined platform to check, review or track shipping orders placed with multiple courier partners.

The significant problems eCommerce firms face, especially in times of immediate or sudden growth, are:

  • Managing larger orders
  • Integrating quickly with multiple courier partners.

eCommerce companies are largely dependent on shipping aggregators for transferring their couriers to their respective owners. These companies were not in existence a few decades ago. But with the emergence and evolution of the digital industry being on a boom, courier logistics also started flourishing.

The main functions of courier aggregator companies are to issue and dispatch the products followed by their transportation. To manage these functions, there are two kinds of aggregators:

  • Shipping aggregators
  • Transportation aggregators

The transportation of the products is not restricted to delivery only. Rather, it also involves the transportation of bulk goods. Moreover, the shipping aggregators are responsible for the incorporation of third-party logistic companies with eCommerce businesses.

Top 5 Courier Aggregators in India

The courier aggregator firms play a crucial role in building your online business. Even if you operate offline and are now thinking of doing your business online, then you will need a shipping aggregate soon. Don’t worry! Because here, we are presenting a list of the top 5 aggregates that can help your business manage all its transportation and shipping needs.


It has been more than 5 years that eCourierz has been in business and has been flourishing since then. The company came into existence in 2015 and since then it has never looked back. Headquartered in Banglore, Karnataka, the company was established by Sreenivas Saba, Shivadeep Mahadi, and Shashi Shekar. It is one of the top-rated courier aggregator businesses in India. The company is known for providing accurate and high-end services to its clients. Their mission is “one-stop convenient logistics solution for all”, the brand has attained the remark of “Market Leader” and “Knowledge leader”. 

It is known to be the knowledge and market leader of the eCommerce and logistics industry. The international shipping and transportation domains are well defined by it. The rates of their services are also competitive. The efficiency and accuracy of their deliveries have made them build a good image. Their safety standards are also up to the mark and provide reliability in their service. They have tie-ups with reputed and global courier brands. The registration process is simple. 


  1. The company serves more than 21000 pin codes.
  2. Offers the best international aggregate services.
  3. Efficient working and competitive pricing is what makes them the best.
  4. Quick onboarding and smooth functioning is another addition.


Pickrr‘s has its unique set of features, while the most promising one is its AI-powered dashboard. Their dashboard is easy to integrate and extremely compatible with most e-commerce platforms. Established in 2015, Pickrr was founded by Ronak Agrawal, Gaurav Mangla, Rhitiman Majumdar, and Ankit Kaushik. Located in Gurgaon, the brand has remarkable services for B2B and B2C enterprises.

From custom websites to marketplaces, APIs are available for all the online stores. The signup process can be completed within a few minutes, and customer support is proactive. Being a courier aggregator, it claims to offer better services, rates, performance, integration, and increased financial transparency than the direct courier partner. They are acknowledged for levying 0 surcharges, which means no hidden costs like subscription fee, fuel surcharge, infrastructure cost, etc. Moreover, they claim to offer the lowest freight pricing in the market.


  1. International and domestic leadership in B2B shipping.
  2. With multiple pickups, the company facilitates superior tracking facilities.
  3. The NDR calling support and no levying expenses makes it irresistible.
  4. Cost advantages are something you can’t miss.


The powerful AI platform of ShipRocket is a new-age eCommerce solution. Headquarters located in Delhi, India, the company was established in 2012 and have a clientele of over 20, 000 clients. Three founders, Saahil Goel, Vishesh Khurana, and Gautam Kapoor started this venture. The company offers flexible and discounted rates. There are no fixed monthly plans. Instead, the users can pay the shipping as per the order.

The company claims to offer no hidden cost and maximum insurance cover on shipments. Another feature that brings it to our top 5 courier aggregator list is that it does not have a minimum shipment parameter. Users can choose them for single orders or bulk orders. Another aspect that makes ShipRocket ahead of the pack is their free eCommerce store launch feature. If you are planning to launch your store but are apprehensive about the integrated process and complexities involved, they will take care of it! Their responsive, SEO-friendly, and secure online store launch service practically does not require you to have any coding or designing knowledge.


  1. Cost-effective solutions with exceptional flexibility in payments.
  2. No restriction as there is no parameter for shipment.
  3. Exclusive support for eCommerce businesses.
  4. Serves over 20,000 pin codes.

iThink Logistics

iThink Logistics as well does not restrict a minimum value level. They also charge according to their shipment instead of monthly charges. They offer a two-way shipping system. Their tailor-made quality check parameters ensure an effective reverse pickup facility. Established in the city of dreams, Mumbai, iThink Logistics was the idea of Zaiba Sarang and Vipul Yadav, which took shape in 2017.

They claim to have fast remittances of the funds received through the Cash-on-Delivery feature. The portal is highly responsive as it pops up the deals to your customers as per their preference and searches history, which ultimately increases your brand engagement. The company also offers a pay-later feature through which you can pay from your COD funds that the company collects on your behalf. So, practically, you can start free with them!


  1. With exclusive NDR management, the brand offers no-bar shipping volumes.
  2. Suited shipping rates are one of the best things to focus on.
  3. Customer support is one such reason why iThink Logistics have marked their position in the market.


Shipyaari is considered one of the most reliable shipping companies because it is one of the best in the industry. Established by Vishal Totla & Nayan Ratandhayara, the venture was brought into reality in 2013. Located in Mumbai, this business has crossed several obstacles to becoming a substantial brand in the market. It offers three charge applications from the customers. Users get different options that they can choose from according to their needs.

It also offers very flexible periods, which are based on monthly and yearly timeframes. They also offer their service to international borders along with having four domestic partners. For huge shipping orders, they also provide discounts. However, they don’t have a multi-pick-up facility.


  1. Variety of 3 pricing plans to match customer convenience.
  2. Domestic and international deliveries are feasible with Shipyaari.
  3. Exclusive discounts on bulk orders. 

Why Do you Need a Courier Aggregator?

Adequate delivery is the backbone of the eCommerce industry. It decides if the store will thrive or strive. Imagine having a responsive, updated, seamless, and easy-to-use online store, having excellent quality products, and an efficient team. But what will be the use if you fail to deliver your product to your customers on time and in its original form. 

It is not practically possible for a business to hire multiple courier partners as per their reach and network. However, it is always a great choice to opt for a courier aggregator instead of anyone third-party logistic company. 

  1. Courier aggregator firms will help you reach your customers, even in remote locations. 
  2. By hiring a courier aggregator, you get the power to unfold and make use of the features offered by several courier companies, all at once. 
  3. While shopping from the comfort of our homes has become the new normal, and a default choice for the masses, delayed or damaged delivery can be a big turnoff. 
  4. It is thus vital to leverage the power of courier aggregators who will take care of your shipping and delivery processes while you can focus on your core business activities. 

Hence, it has become a necessity for the new-age eCommerce business.


Courier aggregator firms and companies have gained an immense reputation in the eCommerce market. These shipping logistics companies facilitate the smooth transportation of products across different regions in the nation with excellent efficiency. Many courier aggregators are offering exclusive services to the eCommerce businesses in their attempt to achieve digitized success in the market. Pickrr, Shipyaari, iThink Logistics, ShipRocket and Ecourierz are some of the profound companies in India making the road to digital shopping effortless and smooth. Therefore with this guide make sure you make the right choice.




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