While we normally blog about how to increase your sales, get more clicks, and select suitable prices, this time we decided to look at things in a different way. We thought of getting into a shopper’s shoes to see how they shop. The key takeaways from this blog will be to analyse and decipher buyer behaviour while online shopping and adopt suitable tactics.

Here are some expert-recommended things that shoppers do to save money and get the best deals:

1. Follow everyone on social media*JCRa2C61J4HR1eDjsy1JVQ.gif

It is important for everyone to have a strong presence in social networks. Most etailers have a good response record as well. They announce sales and discounts on their social media pages. Sometimes they reward loyal shoppers with exclusive discounts or gifts. It pays buyers to keenly follow these etailers and brands.

2. Use mobile wallets to pay

This is a favourite among frequent shoppers. Using mobile wallets is a lot safer than giving out personal card information. “When you use mobile wallets, you restrict the exposure of your confidential data,” says Soma Sundaram, founder CEO of iKaaz, a mobile payment company. It is also more convenient as the shopper doesn’t have to fill out any form; the money is transacted with a click. Most mobile wallet companies like Paytm also give users coupons and discounts as rewards.

3. Shop on the right days

Smart shoppers observe the days when sales are announced, and keep their shopping for those days. Shoppers have noted the best days for specific categories like apparel, gadgets, air tickets and the like. They make Smart shoppers observe the days when sales are announced, and keep their shopping for those days. Shoppers have noted the best days for specific categories like apparel, gadgets, air tickets and the like. They make best use of the trends and patterns of sellers.

4. Pay using cards

Most marketplaces offer cash backs if the shoppers pay through debit or credit cards. Some consumer look for this option when online shopping making it an interesting way to attract cutomer attention.

5. Look for free return shipping

The prudent shoppers thoroughly read the policies and looks for any unfavourable policy. If the etailer charges a fee for reverse shipping, the shopper can skip the purchase and avoid the penalty for returning the product if they find it unsuitable.

6. Join the etailer’s programs and club

It always pays shoppers to join elite clubs like Amazon Prime or Flipkart F-Assured. The members of these programs will have privileges above non-members. This includes discounts, early bird deals, free services, quicker deliveries and notifications on sales.

7. Buy more things to escape from shipping costs

This is not to mean that a shopper adds a random item to the cart to avoid paying shipping charges. Rather, a prudent shopper would avoid buying things one at a time, and ensure that there is a list of things to buy so that she or he will not have to pay shipping charges.

8. Add items to the cart for a better deal

If a shopper is planning to purchase something later, she or he puts it in the cart and waits for either a good deal for it or for its price to come down, or for the etailer to offer a deal to the shopper.

9. Use coupons for discounts

Coupons help shoppers save big. Combining coupons help people save more. Websites like CouponDunia offer coupons to online shopping sites, travel sites and food sites. They offer discounts and cash backs on purchases if the shopper buys through their app or website. The budget-conscious shopper looks for coupons.

10. Shop during festive sales

Most online retailers hold sales during festivals like Diwali, Id, Christmas, Republic Day, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day etc. A lot of sales and offers will be up for grabs during these festive times. Shoppers plan their purchases during these online shopping sales to make the most of the offers available.

These shopper hacks and tricks will come in handy when you formulate your policies. If you need a customised plan for your ecommerce business, contact Browntape here. We are India’s largest ecommerce service providers, and we can help you with your business.

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