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B2B eCommerce marketplaces in India are seeing a transformational boom post the pandemic. Believe it or not, the pandemic is transforming how the global markets are doing business. The digital transition from offline to eCommerce marketplace has been the real game-changer. In context to India, the enormous jump eCommerce has taken in the last three years is not just reminiscent of B2C. In fact, it is a rather large order size and the sheer volume brought in by B2B eCommerce has taken the lead in revenue generation. The high demand in B2C created an even broader demand-supply ratio for the B2B sector. According to a report, the B2B sector is witnessing a doubling of valuations every 3-4 months, bringing in an investment of more than $100 million. As a result, along with the successful B2C counterparts like – Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra – the B2B sector have re-strategize their businesses to keep up with the online market trends. This blog gives you a glimpse of successful B2B eCommerce marketplaces that showed a clear success rate post the pandemic.

Rising B2B eCommerce Marketplace in India

According to a report, India’s B2B eCommerce market is expected to reach over $1 trillion by 2024. The credit for the booming Indian B2B eCommerce marketplace goes to new enterprises that paved a new path for growth. Having access to finance and capital investment, the B2B firms got fuelled with a new and broad spectrum of opportunities.  The unprecedented growth of the B2B marketplace can be given a hand-down to several start-ups that fuelled B2B commerce by providing an online marketplace on their websites. These eCommerce players created a ready-to-go ecosystem for B2B to help the sector grow to where it is today. Let’s look at these rising B2B eCommerce marketplaces in India.

Amazon Business

Amazon India entered the B2B marketplace after receiving FDI approval in 2015. It is the most trusted brand, not only globally but also in India. With a high success rate in the D2C segment, they offer business owners access to their vast network of suppliers for easy ordering and bulk volume discounts. Currently available in two cities – Bangalore and Mangalore – with plans to expand in other cities, enterprises with a valid business license can join this members-only site.


  • Additional deals and features for a registered member of Amazon Business Prime
  • Offer free credit service (up to 48 days) in association with HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank.
  • Business Pricing & Bulk Discounts – businesses receive an exclusive price and bulk quantity discount offered by Amazon Sellers on lakhs of products.
  • Primary categories served: health & personal care, home medical supplies, beauty, food & beverages, cleaning & laundry, mobile & accessories, office & IT peripherals, home, kitchen & dining.


Udaan is a B2B trade marketplace that serves SMBs explicitly in India. Built by three ex-Flipkart employees in 2016, they envisioned changing how trading functions in India, fusing with new-age technology. In the early stage, the portal focused on handling logistics for small businesses in the electronics & apparel industry. But, witnessing exponential growth, Udaan soon started work on building a full-stack eCommerce marketplace for SMBs in the country. Udaan entered the unicorn club, becoming one of the fastest accelerating companies in India.


  • It is a multi-vendor marketplace with a network of over 3 million registered users and 25,000-30,000 sellers
  • Over 1.7 million retailers, chemists, kirana shops, HoReCa, farmers, etc., doing over 4.5 million transactions per month
  • Across 900+ cities in the country covering more than 12,000 pin codes.
  • They have credit facilities available
  • Serving categories such as lifestyle, electronics, pharma, FMCG, home & kitchen, staples, hardware & sanitaryware, toys


Established in 1996, Indiamart started with a mission ‘to make doing business easy. It is a B2B online website where suppliers and buyers can transact easily and benefit mutually.


  • They have more than 143 Million Buyers, 7 Million Suppliers, 80 Million Products & Services
  •  As for market shares, that’s approximately 60%.
  • Provides information on small and medium enterprises to a global audience
  • Allows business inquiries from interested buyers directly



JioMart is a venture between Reliance Retail and Jio Platforms. Initially started with a soft launch in December 2019 followed by a full launch in May 2020. They are headquartered in Navi Mumbai. Besides this, they started off as a platform that deals with only groceries and later expanded on to fashion, home essentials, and lifestyle products. Catering to around 200 cities and towns all across India. Within the first week of its launch, the app surpassed one million downloads.


  • JioMart offers its users a full-fledged grocery and home supplies.
  • This marketplace supplies to both businesses (kirana stores) as well as for immediate consumption by customers.
  • The platform to date has over 750 million customers.
  • Furthermore, they deliver to over 200 cities and have over 15,000 SKUs on their platform.

Flipkart Wholesale

Flipkart Wholesale founded in 2022, as the name would suggest it is a part of the eCommerce giant Flipkart. They aim to make business easier for small retailers and business owners in India. Allowing them to purchase products in bulk and providing them with the best discount margins. They are headquartered in Bangalore and cater to every category.


  • Flipkart Wholesale is one B2B platform that supplies all its products at a wholesale price
  • Easy onboarding process for sellers before they can start placing orders.
  • This marketplace caters to every category including groceries
  • besides this, they cater to 1.5 million B2B customers, along with a positive adaptation rate in 2 and 3-tier cities.


Although not an Indian eCommerce giant, Alibaba is definitely leading in global trade, with its market cap of $291.05 Billion (March 2022). Even though it is based out of China, Alibaba has made a remarkable position in India’s B2B eCommerce marketplace.


  • listings of millions of products in more than 40 product categories and more than 230 million active buyers.
  • Price point – buying from supplies at rock bottom prices and selling at premium retail prices.
  • Opportunity to set up a storefront to promote products, take orders and payments and analyze transactional data all in one place.
  • free to sign-up for B2Bs with added business features
  • No restrictions on quantity, so buyers can choose to buy as little as one product.


The TradeIndia website was launched in 1996 to connect buyers and sellers at a global level. To form one of India’s largest B2B online websites. TradeIndia assists Indian business owners in connecting with other traders worldwide.


  • Over 5 million registered users and close to 4 million sellers and buyers
  • Guide to global buyers to locate Indian suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters.
  • Offers benefits to SMBs to promote their business globally through their online services, directory services, and trade events.
  • They operate both in the service and manufacturing sector
  • With over 12000 categories and subcategories for products


Founded in 1997, Exporters India is a B2B multi-seller portal that has been on-boarding Indian manufacturers and sellers to sell their products in India and foreign markets. B2B eCommerce marketplaces like ExportersIndia have given Indian buyers, sellers, manufacturers, and retailers a platform to reach international businesses. It has also played a crucial role in accelerating the growth of Indian eCommerce.


  • free registration for sellers and buyers
  • Over 14 Lakh prospective clients.
  • Handling business queries directly with buyer or seller
  • Offers new businesses 24X7 live showroom, broad opportunities with potential buyers, instant inquiries, and global exposure to expand their reach
  • Add up to 400 products (with free registrations)


A startup with immense potential, Moglix claims to be the largest eCommerce marketplace for industrial goods in India. It has multiplied its valuation to about $2.6 billion from $1 billion in just eight months as the top-notch Indian industrial B2B marketplace.


  • Serves over 500,000 small, medium-sized businesses and enterprises
  • Runs a supply chain network of 16,000 suppliers, over 40 warehouses, and logistics infrastructure
  • Approximately 700,000+ SKUs on its platform (App)

anarAppPage serves primarily small and medium enterprises across the trading chain—from manufacturers to retailers and resellers. The portal functions as an interactive platform between buyers and sellers. The company focuses on on-boarding businesses across multiple verticals, especially jewellery, clothing, grocery stores, footwear, leather products, etc.


  • The Anar app is user friendly
  • The registered retailers, resellers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers can create their profiles, upload their catalogs, create posts, form connections, post requirements and interact with one another.
  • more than 70 million small businesses
  • Business Owners from 200+ Categories
  • free online store website to share product catalog with customers on WhatsApp and Facebook

OfBusiness is a technologically empowered B2B marketplace that works as a procurement platform for businesses in the infrastructure & manufacturing sectors. It focuses specifically on the SME sector and envisions improving the supply chain cycle. This B2B marketplace brings together buyers & suppliers on a common platform and removes the gap between supply & demand for manufacturing goods.


  • Over 7,00,000 registered SMEs
  • Operating across more than 24 states in India
  • Global footprint in over 35 countries
  • To date, they have covered 1,00,000+ Transactions
  • Provides cash-flow-based financing to SMEs for purchasing raw materials via its NBFC ‘Oxyzo Financial Services.’
  • 100+ product categories with a guarantee of raw materials at the lowest prices


Established in 1997, go4worldbusiness – a B2B marketplace – was set up to provide trade solutions to exporters and importers worldwide. The trading platform works as an interface where buyers and suppliers connect to broaden their business opportunities. go4WorldBusiness also works with Government bodies and Trade Promotion Councils such as FICCI in India to facilitate international buyer discovery from time to time.


  • 1.2 million manufacturers & suppliers across thousands of product categories.
  • 20,000 daily inquiries between buyers and sellers.
  • Live Chat with Buyers 24×7.

Future Of B2B eCommerce Marketplaces

With the onset of digitization of global markets – one can call it positive learning of the pandemic – the role of B2B eCommerce is becoming paramount given the enormity of business generation. The current $700 billion+ B2B retail market has the potential to reach $1.3 trillion by 2025. The way forward for getting to this mountainous goal is through sustainable, user-friendly, and affordable solutions fused with new-age technology. Trusted and inclusive digital ecosystems are the key factors that will help startups and small B2B eCommerce marketplaces expand regionally and globally. Narrowing the gap through digitization will eventually lead to businesses and financial growth, resulting in a broader spectrum of products & services offered at the global level. “The post-pandemic environment saw tenacious aspects of many organizations to survive and find innovative solutions to disruption in global trade. Factoring in the ‘vocal for local’ and ‘Atma-Nirbharta’ as part of the ‘Made in India’ initiative, the Indian B2B eCommerce showing enormous growth will create a benchmark in the global marketplace. Moreover, because the industry is booming, it is creating immense opportunities for new entrants to make a mark. Apart from having products from these B2B eCommerce marketplaces you can also look for some eCommerce courier aggregators to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

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