Top 8 International Shipping Courier Partners from India (2022)

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Looking for international shipping partners? Then this post will help you. We are living in an age where the global connections and distances have reduced drastically with digitized communication, and increased inter-continent transportation. There was a time when the mode of cross-country communication was via telegram or inland letters. International shipment was once in a year phenomenon that would cost exorbitantly high, that too through a single service provider. The freight services were only limited to industrial goods. Twenty years ago, who imagined that we could send out our favorite homemade pickle to a family member in New York in a matter of few days. Earlier, the only way the pickle made it to our loved ones, in another country was via a written recipe on international letter mail. 

Well since then, the world has definitely undergone a major transformation with progress and economies rising sky-high. This is what gave birth to global courier services is one of them. It is one of the most integral and important parts of all our lives and not just restricted to commercial and industrial purposes.

The immense growth in courier service providers due to the steep rise in e-commerce activities has led to the shrinking of global distances virtually. Now you can shop, send anything you like to any part of the world easily, reaching the destination within a matter of days.

Choosing the Best Courier Services for International Shipping

The success of any delivery service provider is measured by how and by when the product reaches the consumer’s destination. It depends upon numerous factors that come into play. Right from the moment, a product leaves a warehouse till it reaches the customer’s hands. Henceforth, this is where reliable, trustworthy, and efficient courier service providers make a huge difference in the overall customer experience.

So, to make it convenient here are a few parameters whilst choosing the optimal courier partners:


The most important factor to consider is whether the provider serves the destination you want the parcel to be delivered to? If not, then its reach is limited and will be expensive.

Delivery Speed

We are living in a world of high-speed transactions. Deliveries should reach a customer with 3-5 days for domestic and 7-10days for international deliveries. Any delays make the customer anxious and concerned resulting in cancellation. 

Freight Costs

The cost of courier is a major factor at play. Whether it is single or bulk commodities, if the budget goes up, the cost of the entire process rises. Then the customer would choose a cheaper competitor. 

Security and Insurance

High-value products need special care and attention in terms of secured packaging and transportation. Knowing that a certain standard of safety is guaranteed by the service provider can reduce an immense amount of costs spent on damaged or degraded products.

Top Listed Courier Companies in India

India is at the center of the global commercial hub. Not only does the country has e-commerce giants growing sky high, but it is also the industrial and trading hub of many commercial & manufacturing brands. The growth economically has resulted in the rise of many international courier brands and Indian service providers fronting the delivery services around the globe.

Some courier service names that even you are familiar with are:-

1. Blue Dart

bluedart - international courier india

Blue Dart is an Indian logistics service Company that provides courier delivery services and is among the best courier service in India. It is a global carrier that has been acknowledged as the best courier service for online businesses. It was recently bought by the well-known courier service business DHL. Blue Dart is now serving across 35,000+ pin codes in India and more than 220 countries globally.


DTDC - international courier india

Desk to Desk Courier & Cargo Express Limited is another popular Indian logistics company, headquartered in Bengaluru. It is the largest express delivery service provider with a network of 5800 channel partners across the country. They currently manifest an estimated 11 million shipments each month. Both inter-state and intra-city delivery options are available to customers. There reach has expanded globally with services across 240 locations in the world and ranks as one of the best courier services in India.

3. FedEx:

FedEX - international courier india

An American multinational delivery service provider is one of the most reliable international shipping services in India. Being a global leader, FEDEX has established a solid reputation in India as the third-largest courier service. They specialize in handling an extremely diverse range of products. This includes heavyweight items, fragile items, high-value products, and hazardous materials like lithium batteries and dry ice. FedEx covers overnight shipping delivery as well. It services around 200 countries and delivers an estimated 3.6 million shipments on a business day.

4. DHL:

DHL - international courier india

Another premium global courier company in India offers an exceptional range of benefits and convenience for customers. The company offers solutions for a wide array of logistic requirements like domestic shipping, international, same-day courier service, and express delivery shipping, along with several advanced shipping solutions. They have a well-connected network of distribution centers that is globally managed and is high on efficiency in optimized supply chain solutions. It reaches more than 220 countries around the world and serves more than 26000 pin codes in the country.

5. Aramex:

aramex - international courier india

Aramex is a UAE-based eCommerce courier service that was acquired by ‘Delhivery’ to conduct operations in India. This courier service is an excellent courier partner for international deliveries, providing express import and export services. It has assisted e-commerce businesses with the opportunity to avail services like COD, co-packaging, bulk orders and seamless order tracking. It has a large network with over 66,000 people and 12,000 offices, serving 58 countries and 200 cities worldwide.

6. The Professional Couriers

the professional couriers - international courier india

Another key service provider company that has been working with supply chain experts for over a decade. The Professional Couriers provides urgent and vital shipments across the county, as well as international shipments. It has become one of India’s top courier firms, offering express service, air cargo service, logistics solutions, pick and pack, and a variety of other services. It has 2500 Offices, serves over 24000 destinations around the country, through its 200 major hubs and 850 sub hubs.

7. Ecom Express

eCom express - international courier india

It is another logistics company of Indian origin. It has a wide reach within the country serving 27000+ pin codes. They have an integrated system to provide international courier services and international courier tracking services to eCommerce enterprises. Their services include customs clearance and doorstep delivery to international buyers. Also, Ecom Express provides tracking services for all the international orders.

8. Pickrr

Pickrr - international courier india

It is one of India’s largest e-commerce courier solutions. The company offers an aggregation platform, in addition to providing courier services. Its network serves all pin codes within India as well as 200+ international destinations. Pickrr offers flexible courier options at the lowest rates available to different courier partners

Bonus: India Post

India Post - international courier india

There is hardly any other courier service that has been in the business as long as the India Post. Being present since pre-independence, India Post has claimed to be the most affordable service solution in the country. By partnering with several courier companies across the world, India Post was able to expand its reach worldwide. While the high-speed postal service named ‘Speed Post’, ensures faster delivery of letters, parcels, documents, cards, and valuable possessions; ‘EMS Speed Post’ enables Status Tracking Service. With an approximate total of 433,417 employees in the country, India Post offers both domestic and international deliveries to enable economical and faster services.


The world is now a well-knitted web. For economies to progress, it is crucial for trading and delivery services to smooth and streamline their entire ecosystem. Rise of home entrepreneurs, and eCommerce reaching even the villages, it is all the more crucial that international shipping service providers offer the best-in-class service with wider reach at economical rates. So tomorrow when you start your business and wish to reach out to customers around the world, you know who to partner with.

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