Online marketing is a tough game to play. With multiple social media platforms and email, not to mention websites, forums, apps, even games, anything and everything goes in making your ecommerce campaign a success. Of course, you have to face extremely stiff competition and you are more accessible than ever to your customers whether you like it or not. So, do you think you can manage your e-commerce campaign without a software provider?

A marketing campaign usually has two parts – planning and execution. A great marketing strategy can fail miserably if one does not have the right mode of execution and there is no point to accumulation of technology if there is no strategy behind it. A marketing software essentially provides you with a bit of both. It gives you automation technology that makes your job of managing multiple online platforms easily, and it also collects and analyzes data then becomes the bricks to a great strategy. Lets look at what you will miss out on, if you miss out on a marketing software provider.

Why do You Need a Software

Provider for Your Marketing


1. Because it lets you manage multiple platforms effectively

An effective ecommerce campaign is made up of different strategies for multiple platforms coming together to serve a common purpose. A marketing software makes life easier for you by automating the execution of your strategies on your website, mailing list and other social media platforms. Its basically a means to cut down on tedious manual labour and focus on the strategic part of your operation.

2. Because it bridges the gap between marketing and sales

A rookie mistake is to treat marketing and sales as two different spectra of a sphere. Sales is the core of your company, and every branch of your planning and operations must be a supporting act for it. It is paramount therefore, that your marketing strategy must run in tandem with your sales strategy. Marketing softwares help convert leads into quick sales and analyze your sales to help you decide where and how a marketing strategy can be employed.

3. Because it helps shorten the sales cycle

Shortening the sales cycle is important because it is the sign of a healthy business. It means that products are going out as quickly as they are coming in and all processes are running smoothly. A marketing software helps you to deliver highly relevant content to your target market using various media platforms at the right time to boost your sales.

4. Because it provides real-time data and analysis

Marketing data and trends are precious in the world of online sales. Since a campaign is planned to last for at least a month around a sales cycle, it is imperative that the real-time data of the campaign makes a huge difference in the execution of strategy. This is where a marketing software shows most of its potential. Valuable data like clicks-per-page and viewership across various metrics is arranged and collated to be analyzed, which means you can continue with a smarter, more informed marketing campaign.


So this is why you need to rethink your choices when it comes to a marketing software provider. Get in touch with us at Browntape for any queries or more information. We are happy to help!

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