The Magic of  ‘Free Shipping’  

4 Simple Ways to Leverage this


61% of customers cancel orders in case they have to pay for shipping.

So instead of asking ‘Should I offer free shipping?’ your focus should be:

‘How can I offer free shipping without burning a hole in my pocket?’

Here’s a tip –

Don’t offer free shipping every time to take advantage of the option.

Timing is the key!



Offer Free Shipping for:

You are urging them to buy from you again to avail of the offer. This could help in pushing sales during the non-discount days.

You are creating a sense of urgency for the customers to avail of the offer within the time frame. Most customers wouldn’t want to lose out on this. This could especially help in pushing your sales volume up during promotions and discounts.

Customers tend to buy more, also more expensive, to get free shipping. This way, you can sell higher ticket items.

While customers feel tempted to buy more, it becomes most cost-effective for you if the weight of extra items doesn’t spill on to the next weight slab.

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