Catalogues are a much loved and much hated word in the vocabulary of someone involved in the eTailing business. They can be immensely helpful if they are well designed and clear, but usually this is not the case, which makes them tedious and difficult to read. For a multi-channel online seller, online catalogues are the first line of communication with customers, and first impressions last. At the same time, catalogues are also the primary way with which sellers can keep track of their product. Thus, the catalogue needs to be created and managed properly, especially because its such a dynamic entity. Products, specifications and pricing keep changing constantly, which means your catalogue has to be changed constantly too. Here are a few tips with which you can effectively manage your catalogues and help you better transition into online sales.

Multi Channel Catalogue Management

1. Create a Clean Catalogue

We cannot stress the importance of this point enough. Your catalogue is going to be published on all your online channels, and become the face of your enterprise. Customers tend to look at the professionalism and uniformity of information to judge the trustworthiness of the vendor. Hence, display all relevant information in a clean, clear-cut manner. Fill up exact data including pricing, product specification, size and weight when required, warranties, licenses, etc. Supplement it with good, attractive pictures of your product. One thing to take care of is creating and providing accurate product codes and specifications in a consistent format. Keep the catalogue backend handy, because the information tends to change often.

2. Uniformity Between Multiple Channels

As a multi channel seller, you have virtual stores in multiple online locations. To establish your integrity around the market, it is necessary that the information you provide on your catalogues through all the channels checks out accurately. Since catalogues are so dynamic in their nature, it can be a hassle to change them individually on every channel. This can also be risky and increase the chance of error. One way to do this is integrate all your channels and make changes through one common portal. You can do this by using a multi channel inventory management system that allows you to manage and edit all your online catalogues through single access.

3. Employ Technology

We have a detailed article on why you should employ technology in your overall sales process here. Now we focus on the role of technology in your multi channel catalogue management process. We advise you to go for a comprehensive inventory management tool that works across multiple channels and helps you manage your catalogues effectively. Sophisticated ones come with tools to control and edit the content on your multi channel catalogues through a single portal. You can further use automation to handle recurrent phenomenon like sales linking, copying relevant catalogue content to sales invoices and promoting your catalogue online. Sometimes, you would think it strategically wise to display different products on different online channels. In such case, single entry, multi channel inventory management can route your priorities into relevant databases, error and hassle free.

4. Know Your Way Around the System

Catalogue data management can be tricky. Especially since catalogues are not only the primary source of information for the customer, but also for you. With at least ten orders coming in per channel every day and new products being added to it on regular intervals, you need to create efficient systems and pathways to connect all your processes to the catalogue. You do not want to find yourself in a position where your catalogue states availability for a certain product while your inventory states otherwise. Catalogue/inventory discrepancies can lead to major embarrassments. Again, technology can come to your rescue. You can automate inventory changes so that they are uploaded directly into your catalogues.

Lastly, if you are not confident about the state of your existing catalogue, please do not hesitate to get professional help. Get in touch with Browntape to know more about multi channel catalogue management. Our comprehensive multi channel inventory management system has many features that can effectively deal with your catalogue management issues.

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