5 Simple Steps to Register for GST

5 Simple Steps to Register for GST  While you might have already registered for GST, here are 5 simple steps for those sellers who are yet to do the same: Step 1 – Verify preliminary details Create a login account on the GSTN portal. Submit your PAN, mobile number, and Email ID in form PART […]

5 Signs you need an Order & Inventory Management System

As an online seller, you have a difficult time managing multiple platforms in Indian and international markets.Technology can automate your online operations, so you can concentrate on growing your business. The most important signs that you need an order & inventory management system are- Unable to finish your work in time An order & inventory management […]

Track Your Remittance: New Browntape feature

The best part about selling online on multiple channels is getting the rewards – payment. But payment procedures on e commerce sites are not as easy as they sound. A large company like Flipkart sells around 10 products per minute, and on a good sales day, makes more than Rs.600 crores in a day. Moving […]