5 Simple Steps to Register for GST 

While you might have already registered for GST, here are 5 simple steps for those sellers who are yet to do the same:

Step 1 – Verify preliminary details

Create a login account on the GSTN portal. Submit your PAN, mobile number, and Email ID in form PART 1 of GST REG-01.


Step 2 – Submit application

Upon verification, upload the documents in form GST REG-02:


Step 3 – Verification by GST Officer

A GST officer will be assigned to you who will examine and approve the application.


Step 5 – Registration Certificate

Upon approval, the registration certificate (GST REG-06) will be available for download easily at the common portal. You will need your login ID and password.


If you have branches in different states, separate registrations for each state is required. A registered taxable person eligible to obtain the certificate may apply.

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