5 Tips for a Great Return Policy

The true basis of e-commerce transactions does not lie in any form of technology, be it mail, internet or smartphones. It lies in the idea of trust. The customer trusts the seller to provide a product or a service even though they have never met or physically interacted with each other, so much so that […]

How to Know if Your Staff is Stealing from You

Although rarely addressed openly, employee theft is a major issue in India. In fact, a 2009 survey shows that India topped the chart among 41 countries in retail shrinkage rate – a term that comprises of shoplifting, employee theft and process failures for the second consecutive year. Retailers in the country had the highest shrinkage […]

How were Diwali Sales for Online Marketplace Sellers?

Expectations were high this Diwali season for both online marketplaces and the sellers selling on these platforms. With promises of ‘the best’ offers to customers, some were quite a success while some like Flipkart had to face the brunt of many. Who reached the expected sales figures? Or who achieved part of their targets? At Browntape […]

Flipkart’s Big Billion Day – How Much Did Other Marketplaces Gain?

The Big Billion Day – Flipkart’s much-hyped and much-awaited-by-all sale that happened on October 6th is being scrutinized and ripped apart by everyone, consumers and sellers alike. Meant to benefit both consumers and sellers, Browntape‘s team dug into who actually benefitted with the few hours of sale on October 6th? The Big Billion Day – For […]

Selling Online – Should you open your own store or sell on marketplaces?

Published by Browntape on iamwire. In the e-commerce space, there are a very few products that are not sold online today. From grocery to sexual wellness, it’s all there in the online selling space with consumers getting to pick from a number of options. “Should you sell online?” seems to be a question of the […]

The Importance of Multi-Channel Selling Strategy and Business Continuity

As online retailers of the 21st century, we do most of our work the digital way. Although technology simplifies the job drastically, it also introduces multiple potential points of failure into the system. We already have to deal with things like natural disasters, server outages and market collapses. Bringing more and more technology into the […]

How to Keep Negative Reviews at Bay

In a world where you are continuously evaluated by online word-of-mouth and sellers’ ratings, negative reviews are every online seller’s boogieman. In all honesty, we have rarely experienced any customer buying a product without spending time in reading the previously written reviews for both the product and the supplier. In fact, one can even argue […]

5 Things NOT to do with Your Online Retail Store

Managing your online retail store can be a very rewarding experience. There are things that you really ought to do while managing your online store, and we have written about them previously. But what about the things you should NOT do while managing your online retail store? We could have gone in a lot of […]

6 Tips for Online Sellers to Make the Most from the Festive Season

The festive season is nearly upon us – with the ongoing Durga Puja celebrations and Dussera and Diwali just round the corner. Although for most people it would mean a well deserved holiday time, for all the online sellers out there this is the annual golden opportunity to spike up those sales. Just take a […]