The Basics of Multi Channel Online Catalogue Management

Catalogues are a much loved and much hated word in the vocabulary of someone involved in the eTailing business. They can be immensely helpful if they are well designed and clear, but usually this is not the case, which makes them tedious and difficult to read. For a multi-channel online seller, online catalogues are the […]

6 ways to Use Analytics to Make More Profits in Online Sales

Analytics for internet transactions is how one keeps track of all user interactions with a seller’s page/website. If you own an independent website as a seller and want to gather numbers for it, Google Analytics is your best friend. Google Analytics captures real time data and presents it in a format that can help drive the evolution […]

Why You Must Use More Technology in Your Online Sales

The history of sales has changed drastically through the ages, and a few ideas have changed the process forever. When Amazon created the first online store in the 90s, The idea was simple – instead of bringing customers to the store, bring the store to the customers. This meant saving resources on inventory storage and […]

Hello to all Online Merchants in India from all of us at Browntape!

Dear Sellers, At Browntape, we are very excited to bring our super-simple and awesomely intuitive multi-channel order management service to improve the lives of Indian sellers like you. Our aim is to bring greater sales, reduced effort and saved time for you, precious time that you would rather spend with your loved ones rather than […]