Last week, we spoke about a way to combat the strenuous competition in online retail – Sponsored ads. We shared the benefits of Flipkart’s PLA from Browntape’s experience. This week, let’s take a look at the other option available to you, Amazon’s Sponsored Ads, and how it has benefitted other sellers like you.

Amazon’s Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products is an initiative from the online marketplace Amazon. It is a self-service advertising program for online sellers to advertise their listings on the marketplace itself. These advertisements make your products more prominent, giving you greater traffic in a controllable and manageable way.


How does it work?

Like the previous sponsored ads we discussed, Amazon’s Sponsored Product ads place your products in a special range of goods, like the first page of a shoppers search results. To obtain this prime position or sponsored product space, sellers must bid for it. Once the ad goes live you only pay the marketplace when shoppers click on the ad within the listing results.

The Outcome of Sponsored Product Ads

Browntape caters to a variety of sellers using different marketplaces to sell their goods online. We help our sellers efficiently use marketplace facilities just like the Amazon Sponsored Products. For improved sales we introduced our sellers to this service. The results we experienced were phenomenal as a result of these benefits:

  1. SEO Points

Amazon Sponsored Products use keywords to put your products just where they need to be. This enables them to display your products to the relevant crowd. But apart from in marketplace optimization, this kind of advertising helps you get effective search engine optimization in place. This will improve your visibility over the internet and pull in traffic from search engines as well.

  1. Seller specific Metrics

Measuring the effects of your efforts lets you know whether the resources you’ve used were worth it or not. Amazon Sponsor Products give sellers accurate details about consumer behavior and preferences. The seller specific metrics includes:

You can acquire basic metrics for each ad campaign and ad group you start. The time frame over which the numeric values are collected are customizable per week, month, lifetime and so on. Apart from the basic metrics, advertising reports as also available. These are divided based on SKUs, search terms, performance over time, campaign performance and estimated page 1 bids.

  1. Optimized Selling

Amazon Sponsored Products help optimize your promotion campaign. Instead of targeting the entire online market these advertisements only reach out to people interested in your products. Let’s assume you sell sleeveless tops. When a shopper types into the search bar sleeveless tops, only then will your Sponsored Products appear in the prime results on the first page. This way only a qualified audience ready to buys sees your offerings.


In addition to this, with accurate figures from Aamzon, you can derive the performance of your keyword bids. Accordingly you can adjust your bids for high performance keywords and those with lower impressions and results.

  1. Maximum Exposure


After availing of Sponsored Products, Amazon makes sure your ad is eligible for placement in multiple locations. Your products will be visible alongside the search results, including page 1 search results. This way you are the first thing people see. Most shoppers lose interest before the end the results are reached. Whereas, the top results get the most attention in terms of impressions, clicks and conversions. Without Sponsored Products you leave your product placements to chance. However, with this service you can control the placements to a certain degree.

  1. Tweak your Ad Campaign

According to your inferences from the data collected, you will know how well your promotions are doing. In case you find your sales are not as per expectations, you can edit your campaign. Amazon Sponsored Products allows sellers to work on their ad campaigns. Once you’ve read through the various performance reports, you can pick out the low performing search terms. This way you have the chance to exclude irrelevant terms.

That’s not all. Sponsored Products also allow you to limit your product’s visibility to a certain brand of consumers. To do this you can use negative keywords. For example, you sell high end products. You don’t want your sponsored ad to be shown to consumers who would include the word cheap into their search. In this case you can use the negative keyword function. But if want just the opposite, that is broad ad traffic, you can use Broad Match. In this case, a consumer will see your ad if the search terms he types match your keyword bids or are synonyms of these terms. Giving you the exact publicity your products need.

We at Browntape specialize in ecommerce and online marketplace selling. Over time we have experimented with Sponsored Products and have constructed ad campaigns that give results. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, get in touch with a Browntape expert today! We are India’s leading ecommerce solutions experts and we are always happy to help online sellers.

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