How to Register as a Seller on Shopsy


Shopsy is the new talk of the town! And you’re probably wondering how to register on Shopsy and the advantage from the app as an eCommerce seller. Don’t go anywhere- anything & everything you need to know about Shopsy is right here. 

eCommerce is growing and with this growth comes new competitors. One way to beat it is by selling on newer marketplaces. A new marketplace to look out for. Shopsy. It is a social commerce platform launched by Flipkart in 2021. Owing to lower barriers of entry, it has taken off, quite well. 

Shopsy’s aim is to cater quality products to around 200-500 million budget-friendly customers. Their main selling point is that they take 0% commission from sellers from the sales they make. Besides this, Flipkart has capitalised on the sellers already present on to avail to use Shopsy with ease.

What is Shopsy’s Business Model?

Shopsy by Flipkart has a model that lets anyone become a reseller with their social commerce feature. The main seller is of course the owner of the catalog. Resellers (or anyone looking to earn) can share items from Shopsy. Each share is accompanied by a unique code for every product, therefore, allowing resellers to earn money on sales. The commission could range from 5 to 25 Rs or even more depending on the product category.

Besides the social commerce approach, there is the  Business to Business (B2B) angle as well as the Business to Customer (B2C) angle. Here, customers, as well as businesses, can purchase products from any category.

Categories Available on Shopsy

resister as a seller on Shopsy

Shopsy by is aiming to reach every category possible. Taking up even groceries in certain areas of the country. Therefore, if you are planning to register as a seller on Shopsy by Flipkart then delay no more. 

Following on the heels of Singapore-based Shopee, they have a “Loot store category” which lets customers purchase products priced as low as Rs. 5. The following are the categories that an online seller can sell under, on Shopsy by

  • Men’s wear
  • Women’s wear
  • Kid’s wear
  • Baby Care
  • Toys
  • Home Accessories
  • Beauty 
  • Electronics Appliances and more.

How to Register as a Seller on Shopsy

Documents Required to Register as a Seller on Shopsy by Flipkart

  • Mobile Number
  • Email Id
  • Bank
  • PAN Card Number
  • Canceled Cheque (With company name)

Shopsy Seller Registration Process

Before you start the registration process to register as a seller on Shopsy by Flipkart, keep all your documents ready. To access Shopsy’s selling platform, you will need to download the app. It is available on your Google playstore and Apple App Store too. 

The app is barely 20mbs currently so it should download quite fast. Once you have the Shopsy by Flipkart app on your phone you are ready to officially start the registration process. Here is your detailed step to step guide to register as a seller on Shopsy:

  • Once you open the app, at the bottom right corner, you will find the account option where if you are a first-time user of the app you will need to create an account with the help of your phone number.
  • Once you have your user account set-up you can now proceed to register as a seller on the Shopsy by Flipkart app.
  • Open your account option and if you scroll down a bit you will find the option to “Sell on Shopsy”. You need to select that. This is the same way you can sell on both the platforms i.e Shopsy as well as
  • Clicking on the previous option will lead you to the seller dashboard. Here the app requires you to fill in your details correctly and carefully.
  • Firstly, you need to fill in your mobile phone number and then click on “Send OTP”. After which the provided phone number will receive an OTP that you need to enter and verify the number.
  • Secondly, you need to enter your email address/ id.
  • Following this, you need to enter your full name. And click on the sign-up button.
  • Next up you will need to enter a password and confirm the password below that, by retyping the same password again. Also please be aware that you follow the given instructions to ensure that you have a strong password.
  • Finally, when that is done you can click on set password. This will take you to another window called the Seller Hub or Flipkart Seller Hub.
  • In the Flipkart Seller Hub window, you will need to enter your pick-up address- starting with the area pincode.
  • Followed by the complete address from where your products are going to be collected from- this can be either your shop itself or a warehouse/ storage unit. Once you are done with this you can click continue.
  • This will take you to the next window that will ask you to select the most suitable option for your business. The options are a) you have a GSTIN b) you will be selling products that don’t require GSTIN c) you haven’t applied for a GSTIN. 
  • Select the most appropriate option for you. If you have a GSTIN number enter the number and continue. 
  • If you will be selling without a GSTIN number, the following is the way for you. 
  • By clicking that you will be selling products without a GSTIN, the site will require you to fill in your name, PAN card number followed by the type of business you will be dealing with – proprietor or company. You will also fill in your complete business address.
  • They will also ask you to submit a digital copy of your Aadhaar card and a digital signature as well. Only after reading and accepting the terms and conditions will you be able to click continue to proceed to the next step.
  • Further, they will ask you to proceed to add your bank account details. So, you will need to fill in your account holder name and bank account number. And proceed by clicking continue. 
  • Please do not make any error while filling this details since you would be receiving the payments to this account.
  • Once done with all the steps, you are now ready to start selling on the Shopsy app. A good way to start is to add a good store name and a small description to your store. These details will be displayed on the app when you are listing your products. Names do make an impression. 
  • Note that if anyone types the above name on Shopsy by Flipkart they would be led to your store.
  • Also while setting up the name there will be an option to select calling schedules. These are time frames within which the customer care team from Shopsy can call and help you with any requirements of the app. This is optional however once you register as a seller on Shopsy, this will come handy.

Understanding the Shopsy by Flipkart App

register as a seller

When you register as a seller on Shopsy, you can simply start using the platform to begin selling. But before you do that here is a bit of an overview to familiarize yourself with the working of the Shopsy app.

To sell your products on this platform you need to handle the backend parts from the Flipkart Seller Hub. Which is available as an app as well as a browser site. For ease you can download the app, once you are on the app you will have to enter your Shopsy login details. Later when you do that, if you click the dropdown option you will get the more options side panel, where you have the basic features needed to run your online business in the Shopsy by Flipkart app:

  • Starting by “Listing” this is where you would need to go when you want to list/ add a new product to your profile.
  • Inventory: From here you as a seller can check the inventory or stock count remaining of the products that you have listed on the Shopsy site.
  • Orders: This is to keep track of the orders you are receiving and in which stage of the supply chain the product is.
  • Payment: Within this, you can stay informed of the payment mode and when would you receive the payment.
  • Growth: Here you can figure out how your business is growing, your returns and more.
  • Report: Generate/ check reports right from the Shopsy platform.
  • Advertisement: For any of your products that you promoted as an advertisement.
  • Partner Service: If you have any partnership with any other business or company for any product or service- this is where you will be able to add/ edit/ view them.
  • Buyer Chat

All of the above points are not difficult to understand if you check them out and explore them yourself.

How to List your Products on Shopsy by Flipkart

Let’s directly get into it- how to list your products as a seller on Shopsy by Flipkart.

  •  First, start by going to your seller account.
  • Click on the dropdown menu that will lead you to the listing section. This will further give you a dropdown option where you have to select “add new listing”
  • From there, you will be led to a page where you can select if you want to add a single listing or in bulk. We will show you a single one. Hence select “add single listing”.
  • Next, the Shopsy application will lead you to select which marketplace you want to list your product – i.e Shopsy or Flipkart. Select Shopsy. And ensure that on the next screen the toggle is on Shopsy as well.
  • Following this, you will need to select the product category and the appropriate vertical that the category falls in.
  • Once this is done,  you will have to proceed by clicking on “Select brand”. Where you need to add the brand of the product to be listed. Shopsy leaves it open for you to select any brand and proceed without any approval. Unless it is a big brand name. 
  • Enter your brand name and click “create new listing”, which will lead you to a new window panel. Here you need to fill in the product description and other product details.
  • This process is the same as Flipkart, to go ahead with this start by uploading the product pictures by clicking “edit”. Although the images to be uploaded aren’t that stringent there are a few basic guidelines mentioned make sure to read and follow them.
  • Next, you need to update the pricing and stock information. Like any other marketplace, you will find that you need to add an SKU number, the price, your selling price, and other details. Kindly fill in all the options accurately on this page.
  • Once done with that you have to further fill in the product descriptions. This would include the available sizes, colour of the product, style, and other details. Fill in all the details before you proceed to the next section.
  • Lastly, you have the additional description section, although this isn’t mandatory to fill in make sure you do fill in at least the keywords and description of the product since this will help with the product visibility.
  • From here you can post the product by clicking “send to QC”. Or you can create variations in terms of sizes or other details with a small popup that will appear on the screen to nudge you to easily create multiple listings for slightly different products.

How To be a Reseller on the Shopsy by Flipkart Platform

As we have previously mentioned, Shopsy is also a reselling app. This can be done via social commerce. Besides this, the app can serve as a platform for anyone who wants to have an income from sitting at home. If this is what you are looking for we have your back. Check out a step to step guide to being a reseller on the Shopsy by Flipkart app.

Step 1: If you do not have the Shopsy by Flipkart app on your phone downloading it would be the best way for you.

Step 2: Choose the category and the product you wish to be selling (reselling)

Step 3: Under each category, you will find the option to share the products. Using this option you can share the products to all your contacts as well as any other social media platforms.

Step 4: When you get a certain order you will have to manually place the order via the platform by entering the details of your customer’s address.

Step 5: Please noted that on Shopsy you have a fixed amount of commissions that you would be receiving. The commission details would be mentioned at the bottom of the products. This also differs for each product.

That’s it, as simple as that! You now are a reseller on the Shopsy app.

Things to Know Before Selling on Shopsy

Congratulations, you have now you have successfully registered yourself as a seller and can also be part of the reselling community. But before you proceed to go ahead in either of the fields here are a few things you as a seller should know about the Shopsy app.

  1. Shopsy by Flipkart main USP is that it offers 0% commission and charges no closing fees nor fixed fees.
  2. Since the Shopsy app is already by Flipkart if you already are a seller on Flipkart, your products would already be shown on the Shopsy platform to increase customer reach.
  3. Now, if your products are visible from to Shopsy by default or you choose to list on both the platforms. Note that every product that is below Rs. 151 and above Rs.600 commission will be charged as per the Flipkart rate card.
  4. While listing your products all the categories already under the vertical of Shopsy will have 0% commission. (To know if the product is listed on Shopsy every vertical would have “Shopsy_vertical name”)
  5. Another huge plus point for you to register as a seller on Shopsy is that as a seller they have no stringent brand regulations. Therefore making it a good platform to start your business.
  6. Since this platform is a part of Flipkart not only do you have a larger customer base from the mother platform but also you have the trust built for you from the platform itself. This makes it easier for customers to trust and purchase your products from the platform.


The marketplace Flipkart is one of India’s leading platforms. Since it has already built trust among the folks of the country, therefore making it a successful platform. And further starting the platform Shopsy is surely a big plus. Not just for the creators but also for the eCommerce sellers. Besides this, you don’t want to miss the chance to register as a seller on the Shopsy platform. Now that you have all you need to go ahead and begin your journey as a Shopsy seller; we wish you nothing but luck for your future business ahead! If you want to be a seller on Meesho as well check out this post.

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