Ignorance is a blissful state of mind. But if you sell online, being ignorant is as good as telling your customers to check out your competition for better deals!

Our last blog post covered common mistakes online sellers tend to make. Making these mistakes is not bad; it’s the repetition of these same old mistakes that give you low results. Another thing online sellers ignore is online selling success factors. There are some things you may ignore or may be completely oblivious to. This gives competition enough room to overtake you and beat you to the sale.

What are the various factors of online selling you’ve been ignoring? They are quite simple! Here are our top 7!

  1. Picture quality is more than resolution

The quality of an image says a lot about your attitude as an online seller and shows very little about your product. The quality of a picture doesn’t necessarily lie in the resolution of the image and its vibrant colours and shades. Yes, lighting is important, but what you show in the image is also important.

For example, when it comes to images of clothes make sure the model’s hair is not covering vital features of the outfit like the neck, sleeves and back. At the same time make sure the sides of the wearable is clearly visible and not covered up by the model’s arms. When showing shoes and jewellery make sure you show them on a person so consumers understand how the product looks when worn.

  1. Timely delivery requires practice

No one likes receiving delayed orders. There’s nothing wrong in readying your packages in advance. So pack your products way before you even receive an order this way you shave time off your deliver and meet SLA requirements.

  1. Multi-order managing reduces hassles

Selling on multiple platforms can either help you sell more or nothing at all. With your presence on different marketplaces, the chances of mixing up orders and delaying dispatch are highly likely. That’s why you need a proper order management system. You also enjoy the benefits of reduced staffing cost and avoid the impacts of over and under stocking.

  1. Interesting descriptions help you close sales

Make sure you keep your product as interesting as possible. Use things like bullet points to keep your information crisp and clear at the same time use images where possible to better describe your products. Enhanced content by Amazon lets you provide pictorial descriptions to interest consumers further. Make the best use of the resources available to you.

  1. Being helpful shows you’re concerned

Have you noticed the section after the product description where consumers post questions? Well, online marketplaces allow online sellers to interact with customers who have queries about your products. Make sure you participate and interact with your consumers so they can understand your product better. Not answering customer comments will simply drive them away or result in them losing interest in your products. Also, when you post your listings on social media, make sure you reply to all relevant consumer comments.

  1. Maintaining stagnant prices kills sales

Change your product prices according to the season. Do not maintain the same price especially when your product is nearing the end stage of its lifecycle, your sales are low, the peak season is coming to a close or when you are engaging in sales.

  1. Make the most of your resources to save

You can certainly use your consumer’s appreciation for your products to promote them further. Make your consumers your brand ambassadors. If you run an online store you’ll find this much easier to do through social media shares. If you sell on an online marketplace only, you can leave messages in your product packaging asking consumers to follow you on social media and upload pictures of them using your product and tag your brand. Send promo codes to the best pictures or the most creative.

All it takes is a little time and attention to see where you can do things better. Online selling is a rat race which makes you forget to fine tune your practices and discover new ways to sell better. But every month you need to consider the various aspects of your business and see where you can improve something or remove an activity that’s damaging your business.

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