It is the age of very little patience and no time. Therefore, no one really has the time to sit and read paragraph after lengthy paragraph of text on your ecommerce site. Let bullet points come to your rescue to structure content in shopper-friendly and easy to read blocks.

Some advantages of using bullet points include:


So how do you make the best out of your bullet points?



Consider this example: if your product is a hair straightener, one of the bullet points could read, ‘Intense smoothening that keeps the bird’s nest hair at bay’. You are indicating a feature of the product, and showing how it will help the user – in this case, taming wiry hair that refuses to settle down with conventional straighteners.


For instance, Lotus Herbals has an eyeliner tube with a curved body, making it easy for the user to grip the handle.

While the curved feature is apparent in the product’s name (Lotus Herbals Colorkick Curved Liquid EyeLiner), you would do well to call it out in the description for good measure.
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If you notice the pattern of the pen, it has a curve that will perfectly rest on the curved portion between the thumb and the forefinger, as the user holds the pen.

Typical eyeliner handles are thick, with a uniform shape across, which might be difficult for first time users.
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So if you were to write a few lines of copy for the Lotus eyeliner, you would highlight the fact that this is an innovative design, which will make the process of drawing a line much easier.

Compare the following examples (original copy, not based on any brand or product) for bath soaps:

Product A 

Product B

Which of the two products would you prefer as a shopper? How would you imagine the product?


So there you have it. Now that you know how you can use bullet points to write compelling descriptions, go ahead, and rock it!

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