Web based shopping is a highly diverse field that has been changing at an astounding rate. To be ahead of the competition here requires clear foresight and the ability to take major decisions effectively. Re-platforming is one such decision.

An online shopper is looking for a seamless, efficient and a friendly way to shop, and the possibilities to provide this to your customers keep growing with changing technology. While starting out, you might subscribe to a few popular sales platforms, but you would soon realise as your business grows that there is a need for something more customized and suitable for your product rather than the cookie-cutter model large sales platforms offer.

If you already have your own platform, you have to ask yourself whether it is equipped in terms of design and technology to offer a great shopping experience to your customers. If the answer is no, it might be time to re-platform. Lets look at it in detail.

When to Re-Platform

  1. Your Business is Growing Fast

A fast growing business is always a great sign that says some of your systems need upgrade. In terms of your platform, you need to think about whether your website is equipped to take the load you expect and whether your customers regularly get caught in bottlenecks while interacting with it. Freecharge is a great example of how changing the UI gives an enterprise a boost.

  1. Obsolete Technology

Taking an overview of the technology you are employing is another great way to find out whether changes should be made. For example, is your website synced with your multi-channel inventory management system? Do you have an in-house accounting software linked to your order management system? Can customers avail all payment options through your website? Can they create accounts? These questions can drastically affect your back-end efficiency as well as the user experience. Thus, if you think you are running on obsolete technology, you should consider re-platforming.

  1. Obsolete Design

Design too can become obsolete really fast. And we are not just talking about moving from a 3D to a flat style. We are also talking about how design affects the user experience. Making a website free of all clutter and highlighting the essential aspects of customer interaction, even changing the tone of the content can go a long way in increasing the time your customers spend on your website. Questions you can ask yourself are – How smart is the navigation system on my platform? Or, does the search option on my website really provide what I am looking for?

  1. Back-End Integration

Of course, you might be completely happy with your website, but still might think about re-platforming on the basis of your back-end performance. Integrating new systems on the back-end can lead to massive changes in the overall structure of your platform. So if you feel the need to connect with third party assets, CRM, ERP or order management systems, you should consider re-platforming.

  1. Beef up Security

Replatforming can help you upgrade the security levels on your enterprise making it immune from viruses, malware, hackers, etc. In this way you can protect your interests and those of your assets and customers.

  1. Mobile Integration

m-Commerce, as it is now called is already a force to reckon with. With many customers moving from desktops to tablets/smartphones to do their shopping, it is imperative for a growing business to set their sight at the app market. This is another reason to consider re-platforming and integrating mobile devices in the mix.

These are some extremely compelling reasons to consider re-platforming. For any more information or queries, get in touch with Browntape. We are always happy to help!

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