Online retail is no longer just another medium to sell more. This sector of trade is receiving significant attention from consumers. 80% of consumers prefer shopping online instead of going to physical stores. This makes it vital for online sellers to take their online selling seriously.

Selling through online marketplaces is not the end. You need to differentiate yourself from your competition and this can be done through brand development on your online retail platform. Like consumers, there are many sellers online too. To make differentiation for your consumers easy you can introduce your brand logo into the picture.

What is a brand logo?

A brand logo can be a picture, symbol or plain text that represents your brand. It should be easy to describe, memories and associate with a product. Since it will be related with your product it should be meaningful and different from your competitor’s.

Why is it important to have a logo on your products?

If you manufacture and sell your own products you can affix your logo on it. This makes the product yours and no one else’s. If you are a re-seller online, your seller name becomes your logo, through which consumers identify you. Besides helping people find you, what can a brand logo do for your online retail business?

  1. Make loyalty easy

When a consumer knows what your brand logo is he will find it easy to spot you. Marketplaces are dense forests with numerous merchants selling the same commodity as you. If you give consumers a top quality product and excellent service in terms of shipping or exchanges, they are likely to come find you the next time they are in the market for the same product.

  1. Provide professional identity

Consumers naturally tend to take your product seriously if they identify you as a professional. Only sellers who are serious about selling will attempt to sell under a registered logo that is cleverly designed and embossed on their products. When consumers see your brand logo on a product, they will feel the need to take a closer look at its features, pricing and quality. And, if they like what they get, they will look for you again and find you through your logo.

  1. Enable efficient marketing

Most people may not read every word of an ad. If you sell shoes and place an image of shoes on your ad along with the promotion, consumers will perceive it as another sale. However, if you add your logo to it, consumers who see the ad will remember our brand logo and thus your brand. Logos help you create ads with minimal amount of text. So, put your logo on banner ads when you decide to use this promotion feature.

That’s not all, when marketing on social media you will find it helpful to have your brand logo in the visuals for your promotions. Again, it helps in promoting your identity and efficiently presenting your marketing content.

  1. Promote authenticity

Investing in a brand logo shows your commitment to your brand and what you promote, like quality, fair prices and honest trade. Consumers are conditioned to believe this and trust in logos. And, the more they see a logo the more trust they have in what it represents. As a seller, you need to stay true to these values to finally earn consumer loyalty and benefits of word-of-mouth.

Tips for creating a brand logo

There are certain dos and don’t you will need to follow to ensure your brand logo is effective, like above. These involve:

Complications – The brand logo needs to be understood and easily recognized. So, avoid complicated designs.

Typos – You want to avoid looking mediocre with wrong spellings, grammar, spacing, non-legible fonts, etc. Or else your image will be affected.

Poor colours – Stick to simple catchy colours. Do not go for gordy colours that are unappealing to your audience.

Copying competition – Do not attempt to replicate your competitons’ logos. You want to be distinct and not in legal trouble.

Design wisely – Brand logos are a form of identity. So if you keep changing it, it will not be very effective. Therefore, it is essential for sellers to research before implementing a brand logo.

Maintain clarity and simplicity – A brand logo is easy to remember. So simplicity and clarity are essential requirements.

Ensure relatability – You logo must relate to your brand. Consumers looking at it should be able to identify what it means and what it is related to.

Ensure flexibility and standardisation- Logos appear in a number of places and in different sizes. You may print them on your product, packaging, letterheads, banners, etc. It is necessary that the logo chosen doesn’t vary when it appears on these. The characters, fonts, colours and so on must remain standard everywhere.

Ask for professional help – Get in touch with professionals who specialise in brand logo creation. They will be able to help you construct the ideal logo for your ecommerce goods.

Now that you know why you need a brand logo in online retail, get your thinking caps on and start creating. And, in case you need help managing your online retail feel free to connect with a Browntape expert today! We are India’s leading ecommerce experts and we are always happy to help.

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