Top 5 Reports to Check Order Fulfillment Efficiency 

Top 5 Reports to Check Order Fulfillment Efficiency

In 2024, efficient order fulfillment isn’t just a bonus – it’s a necessity. The speed and accuracy with which orders are processed and delivered can make or break customer satisfaction and retention. To achieve this, businesses need comprehensive tools to monitor and optimize their fulfillment processes. Browntape emerges as a key player, offering a comprehensive […]

New Niche Marketplaces to Explore in India in 2024 

New niche marketplaces to explore in India in 2024

In 2024, retailers are increasingly shifting from traditional marketplaces to specialized platforms designed to cater to distinct consumer demands. This significant trend reflects the growing diversification of consumer preferences, highlighting a strong desire for personalized shopping experiences.  Did you know that there are over 12 million e-commerce businesses vying for attention among 2 billion online […]

Why is Meesho Popular with Indian e-commerce Sellers? 


People are depending on online purchasing platforms more than ever and many entrepreneurs are using this opportunity to develop their online empires. Today, one can easily launch their very own online business while sitting comfortably at their home, without investing a lot of money. Online shopping has developed significantly over the previous decade, and e-commerce […]

Shopify Updates in 2023 that You Could Use Now 

Shopify updates in 2023 that you could use now

As we delve into the innovations of 2023, it becomes evident that Shopify continues to lead the charge in revolutionizing online retail. With its intuitive UI, extensive feature set, and adaptability; Shopify has become synonymous with success for countless entrepreneurs all around the world. Over 100 updates were included in Shopify 2023, including significant enhancements […]

D2C brands that have gone omnichannel: 2024 report 

D2C brands that have gone omnichannel: 2024 report

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands have experienced unprecedented growth in recent years, reshaping the retail landscape and consumer expectations. The emergence of D2C brands has disrupted traditional retail models, allowing companies to sell directly to consumers. This direct approach has enabled brands to have more control over their products and fostered a closer relationship with their customer […]

Signs your ERP and OMS Integration Might Need an Upgrade


In the intricate world of modern commerce, the seamless integration between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Order Management Systems (OMS) is nothing short of vital. It’s the harmonious convergence of these two systems that enables businesses to operate efficiently, adeptly managing resources and enhancing customer experiences with precision.  But what happens when this integration starts […]

Common challenges in OMS implementation 

Mastering OMS with Browntape: Overcoming retail OMS challenges for success

In today’s highly competitive business environment, the effective management of orders is crucial for success. Regardless of whether a company is a retail giant, an e-commerce startup, or a manufacturing enterprise, integrating an Order Management System (OMS) can significantly streamline processes, boost customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth.   However, the road to a seamlessly integrated […]

How to create a performance marketing plan that works for e-commerce

How to create a performance marketing plan that works for e-commerce

The digital revolution has brought a lot of change in the marketing segment. Performance marketing has emerged as a critical strategy for firms looking to succeed in the fast-paced world of e-commerce, where competition is stiff and consumer attention spans are short. Performance marketing offers a result-driven approach, focusing on tangible outcomes such as clicks, […]

Key Tech Tools for a Performance Marketing Engine 


In 2024, the marketing landscape has undergone a revolutionary transformation, propelled by the ever-growing integration of technological tools. This profound shift is most evident in the domain of performance marketing, where businesses are leveraging advanced digital solutions to unprecedented heights. However, despite significant advancements, challenges persist in the form of skill gaps. Recent data indicates […]

20 Key Metrics to Analyze and Track for Your E-commerce Website 

20 Key Metrics to Analyze and Track for Your E-commerce Website

The exponential surge in e-commerce growth over recent years underscores the vital need to understand and track key metrics to ensure sustained success. These quantifiable measurements provide invaluable insights into the performance of online stores, guiding strategic decisions and optimizations. By meticulously monitoring these metrics, businesses can identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth, ultimately […]

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