Communication can take place in the simplest of forms. It isn’t always direct. When consumers browse through an online retail platform they don’t always have the option of talking to you. To make things worse, if you take online marketplaces specifically, the task of communicating with a buyer gets difficult because you have a marketplace and its restrictions between you and your buyers.

But buyer-seller communication is a must because it can:

Online marketplace Flipkart still doesn’t allow its sellers to communicate with buyers. This makes it nearly impossible for sellers to connect with their buyers.

The options of communicating with online shoppers may be scarce but they do exist! As an online seller you need to identify the best means of communicating with your consumers. And if you haven’t already here are options you can try.

I. Buyer messaging facilities on marketplaces

Some online marketplaces allow direct communication between sellers and buyers. In fact, they even have special messaging features that allow you to communicate with buyers.

A. Snapdeal Buyer Seller Message Feature

Snapdeal has a buyer-seller message feature on its app and seller panel. Snapdeal introduced this feature to control product returns. Sellers can use this chat facility to interact with buyers who initiate a conversation with them. This way if consumers are unhappy with their purchases they can talk to you directly.

“Sellers can also be allowed to contact buyers freely in order to avoid RTO (courier return) by verifying COD orders. This feature also aids in building a loyal customer database. All in all, a good initiative in this competitive ecommerce world, however, there is still scope for development to exploit it further,” says online seller Mayank Goyal.

B. Amazon Buyer Seller Message Feature

Amazon too has a buyer-seller communication service. It allows sellers to answer online consumer queries before purchases are made. In Amazon communication centre, buyers can check your messages to them. This is a secure and private means of communicating with your buyers. As a result, they will also feel confident in approaching you with queries about your products.

C. eBay Seller Make It Right

eBay has its own buyer-seller communication option too. It’s called seller make it right. This feature can be used by your buyers to connect with you before cancelling an order or returning it to you. Like the Snapdeal buyer messenger, this facility was introduced this year too. It gives sellers 4 calendar says to make things right with the buyer. If not eBay authorities will intervene.

II. Other means of communication

A. Messages in the packaging

Sellers can communicate with buyers indirectly as well. This can be done through product packaging. Before packaging your products you can include little notes to your buyers. Like, thank you notes or the steps they need to follow in order to leave you feedback and ratings. You can take this as an opportunity to alert them about your promotional deals too on that given marketplace.

B. Initiate conversations online

Browse through the social spectrums and see if consumers have anything to say about you and your brand. You will definitely find comments about your brand if you sell through your own store. If you only exist on online marketplaces and have an unknown brand try posting about your products on social media. Make little posts about the benefits of buying from your brand, the variety you offer, how your brand can change perspective, even send out discount updates about your brand. If you plan on offering coupon codes for special offers let potential customers where they can avail of these so they buy from you.

C. Descriptions and imaging

Product descriptions are also a good way to communicate with the buyer. Make sure your tone of writing here is interactive and do not dictate. This means, don’t use your descriptions to tell the consumer what to do. Inform them about the product. When reading your content they should be able to imagine the product and understand it too. Make good use of the image option by providing product pictures from relevant angles. You can also be creative with your products and demonstrate different settings in which they can be used. You can post these pictures on social media if your marketplace has strict image policies.

D. Call and message consumers

If you sell on marketplaces other than the above and you can acquire consumer details, try calling and messaging the buyers for feedback and ratings. You can learn about their experiences with your commodities and you can entice them to buy more and recommend you to their friends and family.

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