Key Tech Tools for a Performance Marketing Engine 

Key Tech Tools for a Performance Marketing Engine

In 2024, the marketing landscape has undergone a revolutionary transformation, propelled by the ever-growing integration of technological tools. This profound shift is most evident in the domain of performance marketing, where businesses are leveraging advanced digital solutions to unprecedented heights. However, despite significant advancements, challenges persist in the form of skill gaps. Recent data indicates […]

20 Key Metrics to Analyze and Track for Your E-commerce Website 

20 Key Metrics to Analyze and Track for Your E-commerce Website

The exponential surge in e-commerce growth over recent years underscores the vital need to understand and track key metrics to ensure sustained success. These quantifiable measurements provide invaluable insights into the performance of online stores, guiding strategic decisions and optimizations. By meticulously monitoring these metrics, businesses can identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth, ultimately […]

10 signs your current e-commerce site needs a 2024 update 

Revitalize your e-commerce website with 2024 Upgrade

The ever-evolving world of e-commerce necessitates constant advancement in digital platforms to remain aligned with changing consumer preferences, technological innovations, and industry benchmarks. An outdated e-commerce platform faces the challenge of engaging prospective customers while simultaneously risking the loss of current customers to the competitors who have adeptly to the times. Therefore, the importance of […]

Why do so many D2C businesses get featured on Shark Tank India?

Shark Tank India stands as a groundbreaking addition to the Indian television, representing an innovative leap into the domain of business-focused reality entertainment. The show aspires entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors, or “sharks,” in the hopes of securing investment deals. Over the years, the show has received 62,000 applications […]

Migrating to Shopify Plus from Shopify: How and Why to Migrate?

Migrating to Shopify Plus from Shopify: How and Why to Migrate?

Shopify has long been a committed platform for businesses venturing into e-commerce, offering a user-friendly interface and robust features for new online ventures. As businesses grow, so do the needs of a business, leading to the emergence of Shopify Plus, a more advanced and scalable version tailored for high-volume merchants. Did you know? Shopify Plus […]

A Comprehensive Comparison: IBM Sterling OMS vs. Oracle OMS vs. Magento OMS vs. Browntape OMS

A Comprehensive Comparison

Order Management Systems (OMS) serve as the backbone of modern e-commerce operations, facilitating the seamless flow of orders from placement to fulfillment. OMS integrates various aspects of order processing, inventory management, and customer service. Choosing the right OMS is crucial for businesses looking to optimize their operations and meet the demands of today’s dynamic market. […]

Online Sales of Beauty and Personal Care: How Browntape Can Help 

Welcome to the expanding world of digital shopping for beauty products. The beauty and personal care industry has experienced exponential growth in recent years, with online sales playing a significant role in its expansion. Consumers now prefer the convenience and accessibility of purchasing beauty products from the comfort of their homes. This surge in demand […]

The Power of Amazon Advertising: Tips for Effective Campaign Management 

Over the years Amazon has established itself as one of the leading players in the e-commerce market. In 2023 alone, the e-commerce giant generated a straggering sales revenue of $373bn, which indicated a massive volume of orders placed on the marketplace. This explains why millions of sellers have chosen Amazon as their go-to e-commerce partner.  […]