Every year, new trends come into play. These signify what the market is focusing on and what customers yearn for. In online retail trends are initiated by a number of factors like customer demand, competition, profit or sales targets and even the government. This year too we noticed new trends are evolving on the ecommerce scene.  

As an online seller, you must know what the latest trends in ecommerce are. It will help you determine how to devise your business strategy according to the market. But how do you identify these trends?

Seeking new trends in ecommerce

1. Marketplace inputs

Marketplaces have all the latest insights about customer preferences and behaviour. This information is like gold to online sellers. It can help you produce/ procure products that sell.

A] Flipkart Trends Talk

Flipkart offers online sellers a feature called Trends Talk on the seller panel. It helps you view what’s trending on the platform. The feature has been around for a while however, it has developed a lot since its inception. It allows sellers to view category wise trends, product related technical trends and seasonal trends.

Obtained from Flipkart seller panel
Obtained from Flipkart seller panel
i] View Categories

Under this option, you will learn what is trending under the each category. For example, in the shoe category tan strap sandals are trending currently. With this information, you can stock up on what is selling and make big bucks off of best sellers.

ii] View Techpacks

Here you will see the technical details of each trending product. You will not only see the products that are trending on the ecommerce channel but also the sizes, cuts, colours, textures, fabrics and more about the in-demand products. Have a look at the technical aspects of trending men’s shorts in the image below according to Flipkart’s Spring and Summer fashion trends:

Obtained from Flipkart Seller panel
Obtained from Flipkart Seller panel

Each of these visuals is downloadable from the seller panel for personal reference if required.

iii] View Trend Calendar

With this option, you will be able to see what has been trending during each month during the year, according to the category. You can make a note of this information for future reference and comparison.

B] Myntra big reveal

Myntra also offers its sellers insights on what sells best online. In this feature, the online platform will email you a guide that points out the key trends for the season, like:

However, do note, this feature is only available to selective clients. The best way to get your hands on this information is to follow the marketplace rules and regulations and make every effort to boost sales.

2. Performance on online marketplaces

Besides seasonal inputs, online marketplaces also offer festive season trends. These will be based on past performances and current customer demand. You can also begin compiling your sales related information on online marketplaces. Maintain a record of what sells best on which online marketplace, what are your sales numbers for each product and so on. Try noting which discounts and advertisements customers are most receptive to and when too. This way you can create your own trend map based on your past performance on online marketplaces.

3. Follow major brands online

Did you know your competition is useful when you want to know what’s trending? Big brands are the best sources for information if you want to know what is new in the market. Big brands are the first to introduce new designs patterns and products to the market. Keep watch of what customers have to say about these new arrivals. This will help you determine what you should recreate or replicate in your line of products.

For example – If Catwalk introduces floral pattern shoes to its collection. Checkout what customers have to say about these through the reviews on marketplaces or on the brand’s website or specialised online store.

4. Read publications & socials

Another great way to know what online shoppers will be looking for is through magazines, product blogs and online write-ups. You can also view trending products on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Follow big brands, product critics and industry specialists to know how popular a new product or product feature has become.

5. Use Google

Google is a universal search engine and it offers you a means to check on what people are searching for online. Google Trends allows you to see interesting statistical details about products, brands and product patterns. Simply type into Google Trends what it is you want to know about like sling bags, kitten heels, boat neck dresses, etc. You can then refine your search according to Google shopping, search period and search category.

Here’s a Google Trend result for headphones –
Obtained from Google trends

Based on these results you can understand what customers are looking for when they search for headphones.

Which of these techniques do you use when searching for trends in ecommerce? Tell us your reviews in the comments section below. For information on sales boosting techniques get in touch with us at Browntape. We are India’s leading multi-channel inventory management solution providers and we are always happy to help!

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