Why You Must Use More Technology in Your Online Sales

Online retail is a tech based business. Sure you have physical products for sale, but they are all displayed and promoted digitally. In turn, merchants have saved tons of costs. So, what happens if you add more technology to the mix?

Let’s find out!

  1. Tech for Inventory Management

Sorting stocks according to demand on different e-commerce platforms requires dedicated resources that cost money and time. An inventory management system automatically updates inventory records based on orders placed on multiple marketplaces. Some software automate barcode and shipping label printing too.

  1. Tech for Error-Free Retail

SKU mix-ups and product information mismatches arise when copy pasting tons of data manually. All this can be avoided through the use of technology which collects and submits required details seamlessly.

  1. Tech for Reconciliation

Calculating marketplace fees, GST, shipping, cost of order cancellations, cost of RTO and profits is much easier with automation. Never be cheated again with a reliable tech based payment reconciliation systems.

  1. Tech for Efficient Selling

With the right technology you can track order patterns, best sellers in your category, return factors, peak periods, the location of top customers, preferred payment option and more. Through this information, you can plan your promotions and inventory and target the correct audience.

It’s a lot of technology for a single person or even a small team to handle. That’s why Browntape wraps them all up into one software.

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