Browntape has established itself as a trusted name when it comes to multi-channel inventory management systems in India. This week, we are proud to announce some new additions to the ever-growing list of features that Browntape provides. Our vision to make online business a hassle-free, rewarding experience for the seller, regardless of the size of their company is what drives us to keep tinkering with our software to make it more efficient. This time, we came up with a few solutions that we are sure you’d appreciate.

New Features at Browntape

1. Flipkart, Opencart Integration

As promised, we have completed Flipkart and Opencart integration and it will be available to you on Browntape. Opencart, a free Open Source ecommerce platform for online merchants, is extremely user friendly and intuitive. Now, online sellers will be able to avail a more rewarding online selling experience with a more robust, feature rich interface and quicker service.


Browntape adds flipkart and opercart in channels
Flipkart and Opencart join the Browntape party!

2. Pause Sync Feature

Keeping in mind the need for better accessibility and control over your online business software, we have introduced a new pause sync feature on Browntape. The aim with this feature is to let the user dictate the terms for an online sync in data, which can be a tedious process that tends to utilize a large chunk of the system. With pause sync, you can choose when and how to make your online data available for offline use and storage.

New feature: Pause Autosync
New feature: Pause Autosync

3. Automatic Courier Tracking

Browntape now comes armed with another feature that will go a long way in making your online sales process more fruitful. Delivery and postage of products is usually a headache for most sellers because it generally involves the services of a third party courier service. To enhance trust with the customers and keep yourself, and them up-to-date with the status of a product in transit, we introduce automatic courier tracking.

Browntape auto track feature
Track your shipments on your order page!


We at Browntape are constantly striving to give you the best online business experience possible, making your job easier by simplifying the managerial aspects of handling your ecommerce business and helping you with the strategic side of being a successful online seller.

To know more about these features and more, and for general advice with your online venture, get in touch with Browntape. You give Browntape a try, completely free of charge, for the first thirty days. Lets come together and make your enterprise a success!

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