A robust marketing strategy is important for any industry, and ecommerce is no different. Having a systematic marketing plan and a strong team to implement it will help an online seller towards a healthy sales figure.

Let us take a look at some trends that could be hot in 2016:

An ecom marketer can make best use of the micro moment by predicting exactly what a user is looking for when she or he picks up their smartphone, and give them a suitable ad or notification.

Another observation that experts are making is the possibility of mobile revenue overtaking desktop revenue. One reason for the increase in mobile shopping is the amount of resources and effort ecommerce companies are putting into making the mobile experience smoother and more comfortable. The ever increasing number of smartphones and widespread adaption of mobile networks (think 4G) will contribute in no small measure to the success of mobile commerce.

She says, “With traditional analytics, you may know that a certain percentage of people are abandoning their shopping carts before checkout. With real-time, actionable ecommerce analytics tied to customer engagement, you can see that people bounce when they have a problem with a coupon code. Maybe they mistyped it or maybe it just expired and they didn’t realize it.

And now, instead of losing that sale, you can immediately provide the shopper a foolproof coupon code, saving the sale.”

An ecommerce company should not wait for a customer to reach out to them via a public forum only when they have a complaint or grievance. Social media sites are increasingly allowing sellers to reach out to potential buyers through targeted advertisements. This allows the sellers to streamline their ads and direct them towards customers who would be likelier to be interested in their products. It also helps increase conversion rates.

The concept might be farther away from home than online sellers would wish, but it is certainly something that ecommerce companies need to look into. Cisco says that almost 69% of all internet traffic will be taken over by videos. This being the case, it is advisable that ecommerce players keep themselves updated to avoid losing out to enterprising competition.

So there you are – the major trends that are going to rule ecommerce marketing for 2016. Use them to the hilt to the optimum to get the best results for your ecommerce business.

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